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Introducing The Polo Tradition To Asia

Introducing The Polo Tradition To Asia

Building a business is not easy, more so during a pandemic—but somehow, polo player and entrepreneur Camila Lastrilla managed to make it work. Her brainchild, Praderas Polo, which she founded along with her husband and Indonesian National Team Coach Nico Curto.

Of course, it’s all possible thanks to their strong passion for the sport. Their business is the one-stop-shop for everything polo—from gear and equipment to polo services that range from staging polo events to polo trips around the world. Since being established in October 2020, Praderas Polo has served an international clientele that brings real polo to everyone. 

“Our goal is to be everyone’s polo solution. Whether you are from a grassroots polo club, playing for pleasure, or belong to a professional team, we have exactly what you are looking for. We wanted to create a brand that is inclusive to everyone—men, women, children, and professionals—by providing quality and affordable equipment and services,” Camila shares.

Their offerings bring upon a bespoke experience—everything in their shop carries a distinct character that’s unlike any other. The woman polo player credits this to their unique and diverse talents, who help them craft the best pieces for their clients. Indeed, their tagline “Tradition meets performance” speaks so much of Praderas polo as a brand.

“I found it beautiful that the tack used in polo hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. Most of the equipment used today has been upgraded in terms of quality in materials but has retained the same traditional style,” Camila explains. “I was inspired to create a brand that took this traditional style while optimizing the performance of both the horse and rider. To do something this specific, you need artisans and craftsmen who share the same vision. I happened to find them established all over the world and that’s how I built my diverse team!”

She adds, “Having perspectives, materials, and skillsets born from different places give our products character, unlike any other brand. More important than investing in your products are investing in your artisans—I invest in them as they invest in me.”

They are also able to stick to their vision of keeping traditions by taking inspiration from their personal experiences in playing polo around the world. “We want to highlight the traditions of polo in Argentina and translate that to a language that can be spoken by all,” the co-founder points out.


And when they say they said that they’re a complete polo solutions company, it’s real. They carry horse essentials like girths, saddles, and bits; there are also products for players and riders, like helmets, gloves, boots, pants, and so much more! Polo mallets with exceptional quality are also housed by the brand. And when you need a bit of help in the stable, items are also up for grabs—find blankets, head collars, and more in the shop.

Meanwhile, their services cover polo horse sourcing, importation assistance, events management, polo trips around the world, and even spending summers playing in the heart of polo in Argentina! Offering such services is the couple’s tribute to Nico’s late father, Gabriel Curto, most fondly known all over Argentina as “Gordo Curto”. 

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He was one of the pioneers in moving horses to Asia and even worked with the Heguy family to source and export polo ponies all over the world. “Together with Nico, Gabriel started polo in Indonesia by bringing polo ponies from Argentina—ponies he bred that are still being played today,” she says. “We like to keep his legacy alive by giving people the best of the best—in ponies, tack, polo events, trips, and everything polo.”

As Praderas is still a young brand, expect more from them as Camila, Nico, and their team has a lot in store in the coming months. “My dream in polo is to use my experiences to grow the sport wherever and whenever I can. I hope to be able to organize more big polo tournaments, develop training programs, and grow women’s polo all over Asia,” Camila muses. I aim to grow my brand, Praderas Polo, to be the complete polo solution that bridges Argentina to Asia.”


If the pandemic cooperates, she tells POLO LADY, they plan to have professionals from Argentina, England, Indonesia, and Thailand over to compete in high-goal tournaments in the Philippines. They are also looking forward to establishing Praderas Polo in Argentina. 

“Nico owns Virgen Morenita, a polo stables in Club San Jorge Chico in the heart of polo in Buenos Aires. His place is always fully booked during the polo season, but we have blocked out this year for us. We want to establish Praderas Polo Team, play in a few family tournaments, and grow our brand in the roots of polo,” the woman polo player happily ends.

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