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Improve Your Focus And Riding Skill With Mounted Archery

Improve Your Focus And Riding Skill With Mounted Archery

POLO LADY cover girl Chloe Carabasi shares the thrills of this horse sport and why it is a must-try for equestrian lovers!


Chloe Carabasi is a lady of many hats—we all know her juggling polo with an acting career and a whole lot more of pursuits. However, there’s one common thing in all of her endeavors: her undying love for horses.

One of her favorite activities with her horses is mounted archery, which combines riding and shooting arrows. Since the POLO LADY cover star began her quest in the sport in 2018, it was easy for her to realize that it’s another activity to get obsessed with.


“My first impression was that it was a very similar sport to polo in the sense that it combines two sports into one and requires strong equestrian skills in order to be done effectively and efficiently!” Chloe describes her initial experience.

She also adds that her polo background definitely gave her and her horse Striker a beginner advantage. “I knew my horse, Striker, would be great to learn with because being a polo pony, he is used to the mallet and the ball and the crack of a ball being hit right next to him,” she muses. “So I knew he wouldn’t be phased by the sound and sight of the arrow being shot.”


The polo player started slowly, careful with introducing the sport to her horse. She emphasizes how she took Striker’s comfort from the beginning, as well as her imbibing it completely. “From the very first time I tried it, I discovered how peaceful yet powerful the sport is. It is very meditative, but also makes me feel like an ancient warrior!” she exclaims.

Four years into mounted archery and Chloe is happy to encourage other people, especially fellow polo enthusiasts, to try it out. It’s an instinctual sport, she says, and allows her to connect better with her four-legged beasts whether the rider is on or off the saddle. It’s also pretty easy to pick up, she points out—and there are numerous clubs that are already offering this course!


While you can always choose to play archery without mounting on a horse, the actress and sportswoman asserts how it’s a much-different ball game because of its speed. “It’s inherently a lot more thrilling than ground archery and adds a whole other level of challenge!” the active woman shares.

Apart from a horse and bow and arrows, Chloe lists focus, discipline, a solid seat, and solid riding skills as essentials in mounted archery. And of course, consistent practice—and “a very tolerant horse that you can ride very well!” she adds.


Interested yet? The polo player even offers her recommended equipment to kick off your journey as a bowwoman on a horse. There’s a treasure trove of options on Amazon, with her Korean Horsebow bought from @horsebowshop. When choosing arrows and quivers, Chloe recommends arrows that are longer than normal.

When asked about the lessons she learned from mounted archery, her heart returns to the most important ones. “Any sport where a horse is your teammate is a sport that is worth trying,” she smiles. “And I could probably do pretty well for myself if there is ever and impending zombie apocalypse.”

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