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Paint The Town In Rainbow With Otello Ceci Brut

Paint The Town In Rainbow With Otello Ceci Brut

There’s a new wine collection that drink enthusiasts will take delight from. CECI 1938 wineries brings forth the new Otello Ceci Brut collection, a brut sparkling white from the Otello Ceci range.

This drink is presented in bottles in rainbow colors, expressing the winery’s distinctive character in terms of aesthetic research and attention to design. With CECI 1938, the packaging reflects the spirit of what lies within—a personality-packed lifestyle manifesto that engages all the senses.


The new Otello Ceci Brut dresses the original Otello bottle—with its sleek, sinuous shape, the first bottle with a square base—in vibrant color. The iridescent metallic shades explore the full color spectrum. Available in eight versions, it includes bottles in red, yellow, bright blue, purple, green, and light blue.

Otello Ceci Brut adds a dynamic touch to the bold color choices of its “outfit”, with the holographic printing on the labels that change color with movement and in the light. Otello Ceci’s distinctive square label celebrates simplicity in its design, emphasizing the name of the wine and the winery logo.


CECI 1938 draws on the vital energy of thee hues to share its message of positivity and joie de vivre. The elegant charm of brut sparkling wine is enhanced by the vibrant shades of the bottles. Choosing a wine becomes a stylistic choice, a way to express one’s individual taste and personality. A table these bottles is alight with color, cheer, conviviality, and emotion.

CECI 1938 uses Pinot Bianco grapes to produce a sparkling wine with a pale straw-yellow color and an elegant, persistent sparkle. It is recommended to be served at the temperature of six to eight degrees. Otello Ceci Brut sparkling wine is a well-structured beverage with floral and fruity notes on the palate, complemented by a distinct minerality.


On the nose, delicate, elegant white floral notes such as jasmine, hawthorn and aromatic herbs emerge, leading to fruity, citrus, and sweet scents. Otello Ceci Brut sparkling wine is a youthful, on-trend choice ideal for an aperitif or to accompany a lunch or dinner.

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