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ATTIMO Polo Is A Special Timepiece For Keeps

ATTIMO Polo Is A Special Timepiece For Keeps

Our lives revolve around polo, and what better way to incorporate it in our lives than letting it keep track of our time. Italian timepiece brand La Vallée has made this possible as they release their latest offering, the ATTIMO Polo limited edition.


A very detailed timepiece that can be customized to your liking, this trophy-themed timekeeper portrays a charging polo player attacking the ball with an offside swing for goal. The actual personalization, according to the brand, can go as deep as specific face and body features as well as shape and details of polo uniform or clothes and horse tack.

The exquisite item boasts of statement-making details that show off the brand’s perfect fusion of Italian creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, and fine horology and design. The polo ball, made from gold and with a pavé of diamonds, moves purposefully along the minute ring. And until, at the strike of the hour, it shoots away from the mallet, replaying the triumphant moment every hour, every day. 


Every time the ATTIMO strikes the hour and the ball flies back, the hour ring gently rotates to show the next hour. And in the mechanism, a mallet-shaped hammer hits a 3D ball to generate the ringing tone.


The ATTIMO Polo movement is made up of 472 components, designed and engineered at La Vallée and assembled by their artisans. It sits in a body of 256 precision and precious pieces, ranging from gold to set diamonds. Every single component is hand finished. 


More than the design and craftsmanship, however, is a more meaningful vision for bringing home an ATTIMO Polo piece. La Vallée is dedicated to touch the personal emotion of the unforgettable moments—making it a valuable and sentimental remembrance.

Get your ATTIMO Polo limited edition here.

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