Cheers To Yuletide With Allan Banford Signature Wine Series

Allan Banford Signature Wine Series

Time indeed flies fast—the holidays are here and we’re ready to raise our glasses to celebrate! What better way to revel in the festivities than by enjoying your succulent feast and sipping on great-tasting wine to match?

Our drink choice this Yuletide: The limited-edition wines from the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series. Named after the British multidisciplinary artist Allan Banford, this line of liquor is carefully handpicked by Chilean wine connoisseur Francisco Montenegro.

“It is our first liquid art collection and we want to bring you a unique combination of wines from each corner of the world featuring the concept of constant creative evolution, transformed into liquid art. Each sip from the wines of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series was a unique experience of authenticity and delight,” the artist says.

Allan Banford Signature Wine Series

The three featured flavors of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series are curated according to the artist’s paintings, providing a unique visual and tasting experience called Liquid Art. These art selections matched the wines from design and body to structure and taste. The vivid colors and emotional strokes of Allan Banford elevated the aesthetic of the bottle into a masterpiece level.

The foundations behind the series are both philosophical and inspiring. Committed to art and creativity on multiple scenarios, Allan Banford portrayed his understanding of evolution and the space-time theory into every single one of his creations. After winning many awards worldwide and earning well-respected international recognition, he started exploring the boundaries between consciousness and perception to develop his abstract style and technique. In this wine project, he worked with all these principles capturing the aromas, infusions, and tastes of this exclusive wine selection visually.

The success of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series is also credited to Francisco Montenegro. As an experienced and passionate wine connoisseur, Francisco Montenegro turned his love of grapes, sensitive care for lands, and an acute sense of timing to curating the best wines in different vineyards around the world. 

Get your bottle and share this delicious drink with the most special people for a warm Christmas this year!

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