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Chloe Carabasi On Becoming A Full-Fledged Horse Mom

Chloe Carabasi On Becoming A Full-Fledged Horse Mom

chloe carabasi horse mom

Actress and polo player Chloe Carabasi is never a stranger to horses. Somehow, integrating these beautiful beasts into her life made it more meaningful and full of purpose. Even at a young age, she knew that these animals would be part of her journey.

“I think I was born with an affinity for horses,” the woman polo player shares. “When I finally sat on a horse for the first time, it just clicked, and I was instantly obsessed. It’s the most magical experience and a privilege to be lucky enough to ride a horse, and I understood it  even at such a young age. And I still feel the exact same way!”

A fun childhood with horses and many years exploring different equestrian disciplines later, it was only a matter of time before she officially signed herself up as a horse mom. In 2015, Chloe finally wore this new hat when she adopted her Arab/TB cross angel, Striker. 

chloe horse mom

“If I’m being honest, I had a ton of anxiety at the thought of being a horse mom because of the time and financial commitment it would entail,” the sportswoman admits. But if anything, the initial worry turned into confidence as the polo player found growth with her first horse. It’s her dream, after allso jumping into the opportunity when it was presented to her is a challenge she willingly accepted.

As a first-time horse mom, it’s a whole new set of experiences for her. She pointed out how riding is way different than ownership, and it’s simply impossible to remain lax—Chloe has to step her game up. 

Good thing that Striker is extremely tolerant—being with Chloe at 15 years old made it easy for the owner to get acquainted and get along with this love polo pony. It’s also a plus that the polo player is hugely supported by a very knowledgeable community about raising a horse. “I learned a lot and made many mistakes along the way, but that has led me to be a much better horse mom over the years. The key is patience, putting your ego aside, and being willing to make mistakes and learn from them,” she says.

chloe horse mom

All the hard work and dedication paid off in the end, as this equestrienne found such beauty in mothering a special creature. So much so that, just recently, a new horse found its way into Chloe’s string. Four-year-old OTTB Mirage is a gentle surprise that the now-horse-mom-of-two is proud of.

“When I’m out at the barn with my horses, the rest of the world fades away. I find deep peace, focus, and freedom when I’m with them,” Chloe tells POLO LADY about spending time with her string. And it makes me feel good to provide a loving home to these gorgeous and magical creatures who deserve nothing less.”

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Being with her horses also offers balance in her life. Visiting the barn twice a day, their activities together—including exercise, bonding time, and feeding!—is a happy routine that keeps her steady and happy. “It gives me such a strong sense of purpose,” she comments.

chloe horse mom

Apart from giving her life more direction, the woman polo player believes that horses offer a complete package. “Horses teach us the 5 P’s—partnership, power, patience, purpose, and passion. These, among so many other things. Too many things,” Chloe emphasizes.

With years of being a horse mom under her belt, she understands the feelings of newbies who would like to dip their toes in taking care of horses as well. Her advice? Strive to be the best horse owner that you can be.

The active woman, however, also notes that you need to be forgiving of yourself as well, especially when making mistakes. “You aren’t perfect. Learn from it,” the horse mom counsels.

chloe horse mom

And when the going gets tough, just remember that the best way to a horse’s heart is “genuine love, respect, kindness, patience, and lots of cookies!” Chloe eagerly replies.

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