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Manifattura VALOR’s Tasteful New Saddle Collection

Manifattura VALOR’s Tasteful New Saddle Collection

Makers of exquisite equestrian sports goods Manifattura VALOR has recently launched a new line of saddles—in collaboration with British Grand Prix dressage rider Lady Tatiana Mountbatten.

As with any of their products, each item is made with natural and sustainable material. The brand’s latest range also carries the charm and prudence of the Alps and the aesthetic value of the vibrant Italian cities inspire the collections.


The new partnership is Lady Tatiana Mountbatten’s way of imparting her impressive equestrian journey. From her beginnings of ambitiously training her own horses with Charlotte Dujardin, she successfully climbed the ladder up to Grand Prix level.

The rider and a style icon shares the same philosophy and values as Manifattura VALOR, thus this seamless joint effort. With Lady Tatiana’s love for high-end equestrian lifestyle, pieces that are horse-friendly and sustainable training while being very design conscious are highlighted in this collection.


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She herself has been testing the exclusive range of products and sharing her experiences on social media.

It’s also good that all their products are primarily designed for the horse’s well-being. Every item is exclusively tailor made to the horse’s needs and sets new standards across all equestrian disciplines.

Shop for your Manifattura VALOR x Tatiana Mountbatten saddle here.

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