Yutao Ge Turns Ladies Polo Into Cubist Art

“First of all, I like animals—like horses,” contemporary painter and sculptor Yutao Ge shares with POLO LADY. The Horse Polo Art Gallery artist, who has recently debuted her “Ladies Polo” painting series, has taken a fondness towards our beloved field companions, thus making them her next muse.

Yutao Ge ladies polo painting series

While the creative admits that she can’t play polo, it doesn’t hinder her from being passionate about the sport. “The elegant posture of the lady and the robust body of the horse—the contrast formed makes me fascinated,” Yutao says. “I am eager to convey that to the viewer through the women’s polo series of paintings as an expression of the artist’s love for polo.”

She often describes her artistic style as an in-between of realism and deformation, close to real life cubism. The play on abstract and colors is in itself a character, as shown in her most recent work. “Ladies Polo” is created to be elegant, chic, and intense, taking inspiration from the polo movement of the Tang Dynasty of China.

Yutao Ge ladies polo painting series

Apart from ladies polo, her other interests also take the spotlight of her paintings. She’s an artist who loves life and discovers the good things in it, she confesses. And so in her quest, she’s able to pull inspiration from traveling to movies and even the mundanes of everyday life. With her fervor for music, the artist has also created paintings on musical objects, which also made appearances in her “Ladies Polo” series.

Discover her work (or have a piece commissioned!) here.

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