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10 Polo Couples We Look Up To

10 Polo Couples We Look Up To

In the world of polo, players don’t just face opponents on the field—sometimes, they also come across their soulmates! Meet these adorable polo couples from around the world.

Feelings and tensions can build up in the polo field—combining the exhilarating feeling of galloping at full speed on a horse, the excitement of scoring a goal, and the happiness of winning a game. However, these aren’t the only emotions that being in the community can bring.

Polo players usually meet their opponents on the field, but some also meet their lifetime match. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we play cupid and spot our favorite polo couples who inspire us to grow and be better while keeping a healthy and loving relationship.

  1. Delfina Blaquier & Nacho Figueras

Delfina did not just capture snaps on the field, but she also captured the heart of polo ambassador Nacho Figueras. Together, they raised a beautiful family of capable polo players.

  1.  Meghan Arellano & Julio Arellano

What’s grander than having a partner that has excellent polo skills? No other than raising children who inherited not just your genes but also your passion for the sport. Today, Lucas, Agustin, and Hope Arellano have bagged several tournament trophies and made their own marks on the field!

  1. Meghan Gracida & Memo Gracida

Memo Gracida introduced the sport of kings and queens to Meghan early on in their relationship. Fast forward to the present, they both manage La Herradura Polo and Equestrian Center and play side by side.

  1. Melissa Ganzi & Mark Ganzi

This power couple proudly runs two of the best clubs in the United States of America, the Grand Champions Polo Club and the Aspen Valley Polo Club. Apart from these, they also own Chukker TV and organize the annual World Polo League.

  1. Helena Schoeller & Juan Martin Sarli

Helena and Juan are not just a stylish polo couple; they also manage the family-run La Tarde Polo Club in Argentina and Germany. Apart from offering the best facilities for polo players, they also organize some of the best polo tournaments throughout the year.

  1. Jeanine Hugo Menendez & Edu Menendez

This polo couple from Villa A Sesta Polo Club in Italy flexes a whole lot of power play—and an adorable relationship between them as husband and wife as well as their whole brood!

  1. Becky Schaller & Juan Jose Gonzalez

Polo is their life, and it’s easy to see how Becky and Juan Jose found their way into each other’s arms. But apart from facing the field together, the two are also committed parents to adorable twins Cruz and Ava.

  1. Andrea Quintero Ospina & Martin Bleier

This polo couple doesn’t just bond over their love for the sport. Each of them thrives in their own pursuits—Andrea is the proud owner of Arcal Studios, while Martin dedicates himself to his business, Muy Mia Polo.

  1. Camila Lastrilla & Nicolas Curto

Love indeed finds a way because neither of them knew that they would find their happily-ever-after playing polo in Southeast Asia. This happy pair just got engaged in January!

  1. Molly Agee & Garrett Bankhead

After six years of being a polo couple, these two proved that their commitment goes beyond the field and sealed the deal last year. Almost a year into their marriage, Molly Agee and Garrett Bankhead are still inseparable!

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