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Maison Décalé Wins The Women’s French Open 2020

Maison Décalé Wins The Women’s French Open 2020

Pascal Renauldon
Open De France De Polo Winners

After five days of extremely exciting matches between the talented players in this year’s Women’s French Open, the final match on 20 September was between Maison Décalé and DS Automobile DS Store St Maximin.

The Maison Décalé team composed of the Pearl Venot (HCP 3), Lucie Venot (HCP 3), Elena Venot (HCP 6) and Caroline Anier (HCP 4) were surely not expecting such a formidable resistance by the DS Automobile DS Store St Maximin team with Pauline Schaer (HCP 1), Margaux Perruchot (HCP 2), Adele Renauldon (HCP 3), and Lia Salvo (HCP 9).

Finals French Open 2020

After their heavy defeat during the qualification phase, Lia Salvo organized a new strategy which is more defensive, allowing their team to lead during two chukkers, before losing at the end of the match because of the fouls called by the umpire.

A tiny difference of a goal and a half in conclusion. A small consolation prize for Lia Salvo, who could be the best scorer of this 9th edition of the Women’s French Open, firing 12 goals in 4 matches.

PR Finale Maison

Progression Maison Décalé : 1/1 ½ – 2/2 ½  – 4/3 ½ – 6/4 ½
MVP : Elena Venot (Maison Décalé)
BPP : Bacana jouée par Lia Salvo

Best Playing Pony Bacana
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