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Aspen Snowmass Wins The Championship

Aspen Snowmass Wins The Championship

US Open Women's Handicap

Two teams emerged out of the 12 teams at the US Open Women’s Handicap. The final game, which happened last November 14, saw Aspen Snowmass and Villa Ecleto teams compete in a fierce and close battle of chukkers.

US Open Women's Handicap

Aspen Snowmass struck first with Anna Palacios, receiving a pass from teammate KC Krueger and scoring on her offensive drive. KC extended their lead to 2 to 0.5 with a goal as the teams took a short break for halftime.  

Villa Ecleto took control of the third chukker, with two back to back goals from Mia Bray. Aspen Snowmass entered the final chukker knowing they had to go back to the basics, and the team started working harder for each other, taking the man and backing the ball. 

KC got her second goal bringing the scores closer with 3 to 3.5 in favor of Villa Ecleto. As the time continued to tick down, Aspen Snowmass’ Stephanie Colburn made a clutch goal to give her team a half goal lead with only a minute and a half remaining. 

Villa Ecleto kept trying to work the ball down the field, but Aspen Snowmass’ Morgan Mcbride managed to get a back shot off to change the line and let the clock run out of time, and her team took home the win!

Best Playing Pony Winner
POLO LADY Magazine and the US Polo Association sponsored the blanket for the Best Playing Pony Amateur: Payasa.

KC Krueger is named the game’s MVP, while the Best Playing Pony for a Professional went to Chica Buena, played by Mia Bray. The Best Playing Pony for an Amateur, on the other hand, is awarded to Payasa, played by Morgan McBride. Finally, the AQHA Best Playing Pony is given to Boon Sugar Whiz, played by Stephanie Colburn.

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