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Tokyo Street Style Meets American Cool

Tokyo Street Style Meets American Cool

Tommy Jeans MYne capsule collection 2022

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the coming winter season? Never leave home out of style with these trendy updates – one that you didn’t think you need, but do!

Tommy Jeans, known for their quirky and cool threads, recently joined hands with Tokyo streetwear brand MYne. Coming up with a capsule collection that you’ll get excited about, they introduce pieces inspired by youth culture with a modern edgy twist.

Combining Tommy Jeans playful American cool look with MYne’s irreverent aesthetic, each item from the range celebrates self-expression through culture, music, and art.

Fusing a modern twist on heritage with MYne’s celebration of Tokyo street culture, the capsule collection offers an irreverent take on streetwear staples. The nine-piece line includes classic denim, prints with both brands’ logos, a ‘90s-inspired regatta jacket, a rugger shirt with asymmetrical sizing and color scheme, and a crewneck sweatshirt adorned with a varsity-style logo. Details include a reversed front and back design, color-blocking, and finishes in the brand’s signature red, white, and blue palette.

The brands tapped different personalities for the campaign visuals, with their commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusion.

The collection is available at select TOMMY JEANS stores, MYne’s directly managed stores, and online at

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