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The Magic Of A Desert Hike

The Magic Of A Desert Hike

Gallops of Jordan

Here’s a dream horse riding adventure to discover the Kingdom of Jordan.

After two unforgettable first editions in the sumptuous Omani and Moroccan desert landscapes followed by a colorful adventure in the heart of the eternal and fascinating region of Rajasthan in India, the fourth edition of the Gallops will immerse you deep into the Kingdom of Jordan. 

Gallops of Jordan

Following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones, participants will discover the enchanting Wadi Rum desert and the lost mythical Nabataean city of Petra from October 23 to 30.

This Gallops edition has the privilege to have guest of honor and member of the Jordanian Team H.R.H. Princess Jalila Bint Ali of Jordan, Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf , and Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere among its participants. In addition, the remarkable and inspiring 25-year-old double amputee Emeline Parmentier from Belgium will be captaining her team in this adventure.

This adventure will take you back in time. The cradle of many civilizations, Jordan is nowadays considered as the jewel of the Middle East thanks to its many historical and natural wonders. 

On the back of the precious Arabian thoroughbred nicknamed the “King of the Desert”, the riders will have the chance to venture into wild, lunar, and Mars-like landscapes in flamboyant colors. With its amber colored sands and rocks sculpted by time, crossing the Wadi Rum desert will be an essential stage in this edition. 

A wonder listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, will truly transport riders to an extraordinary world. It is a world that cinema is fascinated with and where Hollywood’s biggest successes have been filmed, including the latest installment of the Star Wars saga. Breathtaking scenery and wonder await the participants.

The Gallops is the combination of an incredible horse-riding trek and an extraordinary human and cultural experience in sublime and distant lands. Since its creation by Bady Kebir and Benoît Perrier, this expedition has offered original equestrian concepts, like the Paris-Dakar. It is an endurance and orienteering race divided by teams of five riders each in five stages across a 200-kilometer desert terrain, with only one orientation tool: a GPS.

Each year, over 100 riders come together. Aged 15 to 70, with as many women as men, these riders come from all over the world and from diverse and varied equestrian worlds like trekking, jumping, dressage, and polo. There are only two prerequisites for participating: mastering the three gaits on a horse and sharing certain values ​​of solidarity, respect, and thirst for adventure, which makes this adventure so unique. 

The trip is also open to accompanying non-riders—the spouses, children, or friends—who can, in parallel with the trek, explore natural and cultural treasures through a tailor-made tourist program and join the riders every evening at the 5-star bivouac campsite. Bedouin gastronomy, traditional fire shows, and the famous white party will be on the program.

Want to live a magical experience and be surprised by the splendors and history of Jordan? Visit their website to register today!

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