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The First Ladies Masters Cup Winners

The First Ladies Masters Cup Winners

Ladies Masters Cup

The first Ladies Masters Cup (I Masters Femenino) ended on a high note, with its stellar lineup of teams who gave their best shot to take home the winner’s badge. The final, which was held at the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP) in Pilar, Buenos Aires, on April 16, saw the gathering of big names and up-and-comers competing in the same field.

In the Gold Cup, Los Sauces–Brubank GMO, with players Francesca Moretti (3), Agustina Imaz (3), Milagros Sánchez (7), and Fatima Balzano (6), dominated against Pilará–Why Not, composed of Martina Diaz (1), Hana Grill (5), Hazel Jackson (10), and Lia Salvo (10),  12.5-12.

The Silver Cup, on the other hand, witness the victory of Cuatro Vientos–Legión Extranjera, with Elina Braun (4), Azucena Uranga (5), Esperanza Uranga (4), and Jazmín Dupont (5), against Thai Polo–Nearside, with Camila Rossi (5), Maitena Marré (6), Sol López Llames (7), Sofía Lorenzo (5) on the team, 7.5-7.

And finally, the Bronze Cup saw the winners in La Dolfina Polo Ranch–Amanara, with Olivia Zucchi (2), Juana Deramo (1), Verónica Magnasco (4), and Paola Martínez (7), defeating opposing team El Metejón 303 Polo Ranch, composed of Clara Martínez Ferrario (3), Luisa del Carril (3), Mercedes Prario (4), and Ginevra D´Orazio (4), 5-4.

Congratulations to all the ladies!

Photographs by Wendy Falourd

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