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The Champions of the Argentine Women’s Open

The Champions of the Argentine Women’s Open

On December 19, the IV Abierto Femenino (Fourth Ladies’ Open) finals took place in Palermo, with teams El Overo Z7 UAE team and La Dolfina Brava competing for the title.

El Overo Z7’s Lia Salvo controlled the match from the beginning. She had a great combination of defense and attack that helped their team to secure every chukker. Even with La Dolfina Brava’s new positions, the team found it hard to steal the ball from the ladies of El Overo Z7.

Women's Polo Argentina
Credits to Matías Callejo / Prensa AAP

By the sixth period, El Overo Z7 already dominated the game. The final score was 11 to 4, the highest score difference since the beginning of the tournament. The defending champions composed of Lia Salvo, Clara Cassino, Hazel Jackson, and Millie Hine rejoiced for their back-to-back win.

El Overo Z7 Team
Credits to Matías Callejo / Prensa AAP

Apart from this, we’d like to congratulate Fatima Balzano for scoring 3 goals out of the team’s score of 4. The tournament’s Top Scorer is Maitena Marre (Don Urbano Nearside) with 23 goals, beating Candelaria Fernandez Araujo (La Dolfina Brava) by three. It is also worth noting that Lia Salvo is just 6 goals away from being the first to reach 100 goals at the Women’s Open. 

The Argentine Women’s Open is the most important tournament in the world of women’s polo. The prestigious event started in 2017 and highlights the skills of the best women polo players every year.

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