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The Adventures of Chloe Carabasi

The Adventures of Chloe Carabasi

Chloe Carabasi

Once you find that one thing in life that you’ll love doing for the rest of your life, it’s easy to cling to it until it becomes a part of you. However, there are just these individuals who excel in several interests. Such a person is a woman of many roles and a formidable polo player in the sport of kings, Chloe Carabasi. She doesn’t just conquer the horse world—there’s so much more that she can do.

Chloe Carabasi

Since her early childhood days, riding horses has been a constant part of her life. Then came the opportunity to join the hunter/jumper arena, where she stayed for six years. Polo came next—which eventually got her hooked. Chloe stuck with the sport since.

“Polo is just the best. It’s the best feeling in the world. There really aren’t the words for it unless you’ve experienced it, but it’s insanely addicting,” the sportswoman tells POLO LADY. “It’s given me so much and I couldn’t imagine not being involved.”

Chloe Carabasi

She also considers it a privilege to be able to compete with and against talented women in polo, too. She looks up to top players like Nina Clarkin and Hazel Jackson; Chloe also admires Pamela Flanagan, with whom she’s formed a close bond. “I look up to Pam for all the amazing rescue work that she’s done, as well as for all the amazing polo she’s played and her skills and a fierce defensive player,” she beams. Through their friendship, Chloe got acquainted with Renata Sanfilippo, whom she describes as “sunshine in human form.”

“Playing in the Rose Cup with them in Chicago was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to reunite with both of them on the polo field hopefully very soon!” the polo player muses.

However, her dreams don’t just end there. As a free-spirited and adventurous girl, Chloe has also dabbled in the film industry. While it’s far from the action-packed and adrenaline-field of the athletic sphere, part of her knows that it’s her true calling.

Chloe Carabasi

“I learned so much about acting, myself, and forged such valuable connections with some pretty incredible humans,” she shares about her venture into the craft. “After four years of college and a degree in Film Studies, my desire to pursue acting grew tenfold, so off to LA I went!”

Her most recent break was her job for beauty brand Lancôme’s commercial, where Chloe doubled for Hollywood actress Zendaya. The polo player describes the experience as one of her most memorable and distinctive experiences. She hopes to snag roles that will enable her to bring strong female characters to life.

Chloe Carabasi

It doesn’t end with these two passions, though. There really is never a dull moment with her, as her openness to try a lot of what life has to offer leads her from one opportunity to the next. And following her polo and acting journey is mounted archery.

“I learned archery with a recurve bow for a movie that my friend Leo cast me in playing an elven warrior. I fell in love with the sport because it is so intuitive and meditative, yet also extremely deadly. It’s very poetic and has such a rich history. I knew my horse Striker would be a willing participant because he’s a polo pony so he’s used to the chaos. So I went for it, slowly but surely kept at it, and it’s been so much fun. I feel so powerful and connected with Striker when I’m practicing it!” the polo lady exclaims.

Chloe Carabasi

This fascination with mounted archery is a natural transition for Chloe, as these two principles share similarities in a lot of ways. Now, taking actual lessons and learning from those who have truly mastered it is on her agenda.

As if these weren’t enough, this busy bee is also into modeling and fox hunting. She has been revisiting showjumping to further solidify her flair with horses. “I think it is of the utmost importance for equestrians to be knowledgeable in many different areas of riding. Horses can be our partners in so many different ways. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people think that their discipline is the ‘best’ and harshly judge other disciplines without taking any time to learn about them. I understand that not everyone can do every horse sport, but one can, at the very least, educate yourself and have an open mind,” she says.

Chloe Carabasi

If you ask her what her future plans are, her answer is a mix of everything that one her plate right now—without the intention of leaving behind one or the other. “My dream is to have an acting career that I’m proud of, a farm filled with happy horses and other animals, a passport full of stamps, and a family of my own to share my adventures with,” she happily replies.

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