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Supporting Hawaiian Kids’ Polo Dreams

Supporting Hawaiian Kids’ Polo Dreams

hawaii polo youth development program

The islands of Hawaii are a desired tropical destination. It’s a place of mystery to so many, as the only image they may have is of tropical fruit and flora or the surfers in the deep blue and white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. But it’s more than that – it’s much more than that. 

hawaii polo youth development program

On the main island of Oahu, there will be, for the first time ever, a dedicated program specifically for the youth to gain access to the therapeutic power of horses, elevate their responsibility to a new level, and provide them with a lifetime of beneficial ties in the equestrian world. 

I, a native Hawaiian in Wellington, have been well-known as a supporter of women’s polo in Hawaii and am an active riding and polo instructor at Hawaii Polo Academy. I plan to make a change for the better, taking inspiration from my previous visit to Argentina in the winter of 2021. Now, I will pursue my passion for horses and polo into the nonprofit sector to help the future generation. 

The Hawaii Polo School and Training Foundation is now accepting donations for our youth development campaign. We came up with a rigorous year-round polo program curriculum on and off the horse that will ensure the program’s success. Students can gain a deep understanding of the rules of the game in a class setting, while hands on polo will be set in a schedule throughout the year. 

Participants will be taken on annual excursions to polo schools in Argentina after completing the curriculum to improve their skills at the end of the year. The exchange of students between both countries in the future is the desired outcome to foster lifelong friendships in the polo world. 

Through this, we aim to support Hawaiian children as they embark on their fantastic polo journey. Currently, the program will be focused on raising funds to have a successful first year with instructor support and access to the horses. We hope to have a regular membership base that will eventually keep the program sustained.

We also invite anyone interested to visit our club when they are in Hawaii and meet the future stars of Hawaii Polo.

For further information, visit or send me an email at 

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