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Steal These Style Tips For Chic In Casual, Off-the-Game Wardrobe Looks!

Steal These Style Tips For Chic In Casual, Off-the-Game Wardrobe Looks!

Welcoming casual clothes into your daily polo club-themed wardrobe does not always mean opting for the usual checked grunge shirts, tank tops, or denim basics.

A classic shirt makes your whole outfit look neat and trendy, whether you put it on with those to-die-for high-waisted pseudo-vintage jeans you think is worth spending 800 euros on or with your office trousers, cropped and perfectly ironed. However, when it comes to cool, posh style, nothing beats an oversized sky blue shirt like the ones favored by Victoria Beckham (literally the real ‘posh’ Spice), Alexa Chung, and pretty much every other stylish cool girl.

Here’s how to dress day-to-day as a polo player, not forgetting the sport’s most hailed basic fashion item—a blue shirt.

You definitely can’t go wrong with a classic blue slim-fit shirt, but the fashion industry will try to tempt you into purchasing shirts with more flirtatious Victorian ruffles or a Puritan collar. Minimalistic or romantic, the shirt could be worn both with trousers or a skirt. When it’s sunny, keep things simple and tuck the shirt into jeans for a nonchalant urban look, or wear it over navy blue trousers and a nude turtleneck on colder days.

On special outdoor occasions, use the shirt for balancing out the femininity of a gothic, Lolita-style ruffled denim skirt, or make a supershot vintage Gucci-esque look with velvet trousers and classic loafers. If you are a real pro, ‘less is more’ is a stylish approach.

Balance your long button-down shirt with dark shorts, and add chunky sandals in a coordinating color. As for other hues, whether you wear a shirt with black, white or grey, it will look insanely chic but a little hint of bright and sparkling accessories is not that big of a fashion crime.

Femininity, grace, and sensuality are what we need to build a wardrobe perfect for the most beautiful sport in the world—ever!

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