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Stick & Ball: Style And Sustainability At Heart

Stick & Ball: Style And Sustainability At Heart

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Founder Elizabeth Welborn, together with her team, continues to stay true and relevant to their polo-inspired luxury lifestyle brand, Stick & Ball. The entrepreneur tells POLO LADY that her brainchild’s distinct style and sustainability efforts set their brand apart from the others.

“The brand’s style is a casual, chic West Coast and Latin American vibe with an equestrian inspiration at our heart. We are a sustainable lifestyle brand, and have been from the beginning. I am a big environmentalist and always knew that if I were to create a brand, I wanted it to have a positive impact,” she expresses.

With the ongoing pandemic, Stick & Ball ceased their production of new designs. Instead, the team focused on knits and their latest line of ponchos, the Fringe collection, for winter. “I honed in on neutrals, as lately I have been gravitating to creams, greys and blacks and monochromatic looks. The fringe collection is fun but sophisticated, with beautiful details in the hand weaving and hand-tying of the fringe. They are pieces that can be worn in fall, winter and in spring, and are timeless to keep in your wardrobe as staples,” Elizabeth shares.

The founder is so passionate to deliver quality goods that she herself goes out of her way to find the best materials. Case in point: A trip to Milan in the search of the perfect leather, which also adheres to their sustainability efforts.

For next year, however, Stick & Ball plans to bounce back to production with new designs in leather, jewelry, apparel, and home. The founder also spills that they’re coming out with “a really cool strap to our Wellington Weekender, a strap you can use for all of our bags.” And finally, a social initiative tied to creating organic tees is in the works—a truly exciting time ahead for the brand!

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