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A Beautiful Polo Adventure in Sotogrande

A Beautiful Polo Adventure in Sotogrande

Sotogrande Polo is a sophisticated private sporting area, famous for its stunning beaches and stylish bars and restaurants.

The fantastic setting of Sotogrande occupies a beautiful green coastal area that runs down from gentle slopes to fine white beaches. It overlooks the Rock of Gibraltar and the cliffs of North Africa.

It is a unique place: the sun shines 250 days per year on a land full of history, art, culture, and nature.

Sotogrande is very well connected with Marbella, Malaga, the entire Costa del Sol, Jerez, and Seville. Malaga and Gibraltar Airports make access to Sotogrande very easy all year round.

Its sporting heritage is typified by the three biggest world-famous polo clubs: Ayala, Santa Maria, and Dos Lunas. There is certainly nothing else like this in the center of Europe!

Do you want to learn, play, or practice polo on the best polo fields with professional players? Or you are a beginner? Maybe you wish to come just for a weekend? To escape from rainy cities and enjoy polo? Do you want to learn or play polo in Sotogrande? Visit to book now.

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