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Moscow Polo Club’s Magnificent Six

Moscow Polo Club’s Magnificent Six

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Winter polo is a bright and entertaining game. Polo season takes place in Russia from January to March, with training starting in December. The principal women polo players are the team of the Moscow Polo Club, including Ekaterina Kozachenko, Alyona Chekhova, Marina Belyakova, Maria Agranovskaya, Alexandra Beregova, and Ekaterina Tyurina. They are a group of six unique girls, with six different life-stories including six temperaments on the course!

In winter, the game is played on pitches, smaller than summer ones. The matches are faster, with a lot of maneuvers which is difficult for the players and ponies, but definitely a thrilling experience for the spectators.

Alexandra Beregova says, “Winter polo for me is a new experience—the enchanting beauty of the ponies raising fountains of snow. The adrenaline and the dynamics of the game are completely different from the summer games.”

Moscow Polo Club is located on the territory of Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club and hosts two of the principal tournaments of the season. One is a part of the festival Tseleevo Winter Open, in association with the club. They open their doors to fans of several sports—winter Golf, winter polo, skiing, and lovers of the Russian traditional winter.

In winter and summer tournaments, women play matches with men. “Polo has no twins in sports or hobbies. The game exudes an ocean of emotions with adrenaline going wild in the blood. Polo is an energetic sport that does not freeze in the winter cold,” states player Ekaterina Tyurina, with two years experience on the field.

For winter season 2016, there will be two tournaments played at the club. The first is the Moscow Snow Polo Championship happening in January. The championship will enable the best players of the country to show their skills in the harsh Russian winter with spectators enjoying the beautiful and spectacular game. Among the players on the pitch will be members of the women’s team. The second tournament will be played in February. It will be the final game in the winter series, but training will continue throughout that period.

Actress and polo player Alyona Chekhova describes life in the polo club, “The Moscow Polo Club has an amazing atmosphere created by the people and sport. That is the first thing I remember, and the Moscow Polo Club became my home club for my horses and my polo games. In winter, like summer—after training or the games—we continue to communicate, share impressions, and discuss the game moments.”

The individuality of players, an exciting battle of the teams, fabulous winter landscapes, the beauty of the ponies and the wonderful sport, snow spray, hot steam in the cold, the adrenaline of the game, traditional Russian and Argentinian food, and an awesome atmosphere of the club perfectly define the polo winter seasons in Russia.

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