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Rebekah Greenhill with horse

The beautiful and multi-talented Rebekah Greenhill is a connoisseur of the finest things in life. She is a very knowledgeable pastry chef, journalist, entrepreneur, wine enthusiast, model, and, of course, polo player. It’s always been a mystery how she’s doing it all.

Managing a winery in the equestrian town of Middleburg, Virginia, benefitted Rebekah in a way or two. After a year of sponsoring and partnering with polo organizations, she finally took action to indulge her growing interest in learning riding and polo.

Five years later, Rebekah is one of the polo ladies we all look up to. Why? She’s not just successful on the field, but also off the field. Apart from playing polo and managing Greenhill Winery & Vineyards, she also operates Greenhill Stables and Middleburg Life magazine.

Now, to answer our biggest question, we asked this confident polo lady to share with us her secrets to success.

Malcolm Borwick, Lionel Boutry, Petra Boutry Spanko, Rebekah and David Greenhill at the HRH Presidential Cup 2019 in Dubai | Credits to Petra Boutry Spanko @dubaistyle4ever

You will need the full support of your family and friends

Knowing that your family and friends are always there to support you makes all the difference. When asked about how she manages her time, she shares that she is blessed to be surrounded by amazing and talented people who help her run everything.

“We have a very talented staff, with whom I have full confidence that I sleep easy every night. My sister took over a lot of my responsibilities at the magazine一I just operate as the publisher now,” she details.

Because of this, Rebekah’s focus and time are spent towards Greenhill stables, their polo team, crew, and organizations.

“It did not use to be like that. I have struggled with a lot of anxiety and stress over the last few years. But over time, with patience and persistence, everything has fallen into place,” she explains.

Eat well and stay healthy

It took Rebekah a few years before figuring out what works for her. Even during off season, she remains active by doing pilates five to six times a week and incorporating cardio to her exercises when she’s not riding.

“I try to eat very healthy, staying away from fast food and over-processed ingredients. I eat organic, lots of eggs, bananas, nut butter, and fish! I have been working with a fantastic nutritionist and she has helped me solve a lot of issues I was facing. I quit coffee and gluten this year, and it helped me immensely. The changes we made to my diet and program have changed my polo and how I feel about myself,” she details.

Although this is the case, she still believes in allowing herself to some indulgence. “I do love chocolates and desserts. I also let myself have a glass of wine, a margarita (skinny with fresh lemon and lime!), or sometimes fernet!” she confesses.

Ride, ride, ride, and enjoy every second of it!

We all know that riding ability is paramount to being successful in the field. This is why while the horses at Greenhill Stables are currently resting and preparing for the Wellington season, Rebekah is preparing to fly to Argentina with her husband David to try horses and practice polo.

Apart from being focused on improving day by day, she thrives in the sport because she finds joy in it. Think about it: if you like what you’re doing, you’re more likely to go the extra mile.

Rebekah enjoys everything about the sport─being around the horses, being outdoors, the preparation, watching high goal tournaments, the fast-paced adrenaline rush you get when playing, the friendships, visiting new clubs, and meeting new people.

“Personally, polo really has been a deep, physical, and soul-searching experience,” she says.

Rebekah Greenhill

Always set goals

Setting goals for yourself is the ultimate secret of this hardworking lady. Setting goals allows you to measure your progress and makes you feel more accountable. Rather than just dreaming about doing something, having goals makes you feel obliged to take action.

“I’ve learned how much I can or cannot push myself, what pace I need to learn, and when and how to test my limits,” Rebekah shares.

This summer, reaching her goal to turn the polo ball around without losing it made her feel the most successful. She used to think it was “the impossible,” but meeting this goal helped her to overcome the feelings holding her back from being 100% in the game.

Now that she’s reached her goal, she makes sure to set a new one and to work on others that are more difficult to meet. “Never give up,” she ends.

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