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Pony Macaroni: Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Horses

Pony Macaroni: Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Horses

Pony Macaroni Pamela Breece

Our love for our horses is strong, and we sometimes wish that we can take them everywhere we go—even inside our rooms. Fortunately, it’s possible, with equine artists like Pony Macaroni owner Pamela Breece creating art out of these lovely beasts we live and breathe in.

Pony Macaroni Pamela Breece

A lifelong equestrian and professional illustrator, she started her brand in 2013 to combine her love for horses and art. “I felt the riding world needed a bit of sparkle!” Pamela exclaims, thus bringing forth horse-inspired pieces that add that much-needed character to a space. 

The artist claims that the beauty of the horse is timeless and universal, thus making it a perfect motif for the home. “Horses make my world go round! I think they are the most incredible creatures on the planet. Not only are they insanely beautiful to look at, but their souls are also complete perfection,” she points out. “Their beauty continues to inspire me in all of my design work.”

Pony Macaroni Pamela Breece

No wonder her own den is peppered with designs of these magnificent beasts! “I have horse art sprinkled throughout my home—a vintage painting of a horse head in the powder room, a leather halter hanging from a hutch in the living room, and vintage polo mallets in the family room,” she points out.

Her designs are classic with a fresh and funky twist. If you’re looking for something distinct to decorate your room while flashing your passion for the horse, her home products will have you squealing in delight. Playing with vintage styles and bold colors and patterns, it’s easy for Pamela to come up with different designs that fit all ranges of customers.

For the home, the businesswoman offers wall art such as wallpapers and framed horse illustrations. Accessories such as desk mats (perfect for your work-from-home sesh!) and cutting boards would also be unique toppers to your nooks and crannies. Or if you’re looking into taking her designs anywhere with you, tech covers for your phones are available, too.

Looking into giving your string some love? The Pony Macaroni stall signs are cute and quirky plates to give to your horse!

Apart from these home products, the brand also carries fashion accessories and equine apparel, like her best-selling breeches. And if you’re a stationery lover like her, her paper products are great additions to your collection. 

If you’re clueless about what to purchase first, Pamela shares with us her personal favorites among her line. “Right now, my favorite wallpaper is the Tally Ho print in pink. All of the riders in the pattern are girls and pink is my favorite color. It’s the wallpaper I wish I had in my bedroom when I was small!” she shares. The kids’ breeches are also on her list, especially those in pink tie-dye and the ones with floral horses with butterflies.

And there’s more to get excited about Pony Macaroni, as the owner dreams of further expanding her products. “I’m looking forward to expanding my product offerings and working on some exciting new collabs with other amazing equestrian brands,” Pamela says.

During those moments when she’s taking a break from her self-built empire, you’d see her still stuck with her favorite animal—hanging out and bonding with her own lovely partner, Charlie.

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