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Getting To Know Polo Star Mia Cambiaso

Getting To Know Polo Star Mia Cambiaso

mia cambiaso

Polo Lady had the chance to meet and chat with Mia Cambiaso after the La Dolfina Diamond Cup. Read our conversation below:

Although you are so young, you play surprisingly well, have your own personal style, and will undoubtedly achieve great success in the future. How have you achieved the high standard you play? Is it the genetics, hard work, or your passion for polo?

“It is my passion for polo and horses. My dad also helps me get better everyday.”

mia cambiaso and father

Who is your trainer? How many times a week do you train? How many horses do you change over when you are training?

“My trainer is my father Adolfo Cambiaso. I train every day after school. I have six horses and my father also lends me one of his ponies.”

How do you normally train? How do you start your training? Is it special training?

“I play almost every day. It is not special training. I play because it comes naturally to me.”

What would be your advice for beginners?

“I don’t think I can give any kind of advice yet, but I’m going to repeat what my father says to me—it is very important to ride a pony well.”

Mia Cambiaso game

Any other tips?

“I think riding the horse well is more important than hitting the ball. Once that is achieved, hitting the ball and practicing improves your game.”

What is your goal in polo? What would you like to achieve?

“I never set myself a goal or anything like that in polo. I only play because I like and enjoy it.”

What would you like to improve in your game? What are you working on?

“I would like to hit better and manage to hit the ball through the arch. I often hit it out but only a little bit. I try to improve this when I practice.”

Mia Cambiaso and team polo femenino

Many people watched you playing in a team with Milagros and Candelaria Fernández Araujo. Can you tell me a bit about this tournament? It was the first in Sotogrande and they are planning to make it larger this year.

“I have played many tournaments with Cande and Mila. We have great fun together. The tournaments were excellent because I could play with the girls.”

Which tournament has meant more to you in recent years?

“The one I have just finished playing in, held last October18, 18 goals at the Argentina Polo Association game. Luckily, we won the game with Cande, Mila, and Sunny Hale who came from the USA to play with us. Also, dad lent me a clone horse of Candelera, his best mare. She was so good!”

Mia Cambiaso and family

Doesn’t it affect your school work? How are you balancing both? How do you study when you travel?

“I go to school all day from 8 am to 5 pm. A few times a week, I leave school to practice with considerable players or I play polo with other boys after school. When we travel, a teacher comes with us. She contacts our teachers in school in Argentina so we do the same lessons as our classmates and keep up with the work.”

Do you have any plans for next year? Do you know where you are going to play?

“I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m sure I will continue playing with Cande and Mila.”

What do you like doing when you are not playing? Do you have any hobbies?

“I play almost every day, but when I’m not playing, we organize parades in La Dolfina Polo Ranch with Maria Chavanne and other friends. We sometimes go for a drive with dad and Mila.”

Mia Cambiaso polo femenino

Polo Lady is a new magazine devoted to women in polo. We would love to receive your feedback and comments on the magazine.

“I think this magazine will be good to promote ladies polo and attract attention to this sport. The idea is excellent!”

Thanks for chatting with us, Mia!

Photo credits to Katerina Morgan. See more of her work here.

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