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Polo Rules: Boring Or Worth A Read?

Polo Rules: Boring Or Worth A Read?

Polo Rules

Why would you spend a lot of time reading pages and pages of boring rules? We know what we are doing, yes, and it is pretty obvious when somebody crosses your line.

Wrong! If you take into account that 40% of the score is determined by fouls, it does pay off to know these rules better. Read them regularly, discuss with fellow players, ask questions, and watch as much Polo as you can. It is so much easier to improve your Polo without even investing in horses, sticks, or hitting technique. You may be surprised how many new things you can discover even after reading them dozens of times.

Here are some fouls that can be avoided easily and many people do not seem to be aware of.

  1. In the throw-in, players tend to hook the opponent before the ball is in play. This is where you lose a first free hit because you can’t.
  2. It is allowed to hook a player while she is being ridden off by a team member. As long as it does not come to a sandwich situation, it can be very effective.
  3. It is allowed to hook an off-side back, as long as it is below the shoulder
  4. You can ride off a player on her stick-side, as long as you enter on the right angle and before she hits.
  5. In the HPA rules, you cannot use the whip when the play has stopped.
  6. If another player is meeting you frontal, you hardly ever get away without a foul by hitting near-side. The player with the ball on the off-side holds the main right of way.
  7. You are not allowed to prevent another player from hooking by hitting her stick away. 
  8. It is a smart practice, though, to hook somebody under the stick, instead of from above.
  9. If a ball passes above the goal post, it is not a goal. So don’t waste energy appealing.
  10. If the line changes unexpectedly, a player on the previous right of way has to right to get away before you or your team members can play the ball

Especially for women, if you play with confidence, claim the line, and move in the field. Without a doubt, you will improve 100 % just like that!

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