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Polo Park Zürich Takes 2021 French Women’s Open Win

Polo Park Zürich Takes 2021 French Women’s Open Win

polo park zurich takes 2021 french women's open win

There was no chance of a surprise in the 2021 French Women’s Open, as Polo Park Zurich dominated the tournament from start to finish.

polo park zurich takes 2021 french women's open win

The team’s Morgan Van Overbroek (2), Pearl Venot (4), Lucie Venot (4), and Elena Venot (6) defeated their contender DS Automobile – DS Store Saint Maximin, composed of Romane Jamet (3), Ambre Ploix (3), Sandrine Dubois (3), and Anna- Maria Czekav (4).

With a high score of 11 to 3, the Venot sisters lifted the trophy for the second year running. 

“We were under a bit of pressure, but we had already played them in the qualifying round. At the beginning of the tournament, we had a bit of trouble because we hadn’t played together for a long time, but we soon found each other again,” says Elena. 

The “secret weapon” of the Venot sisters—is being sisters! “We know each other by heart and we know before anyone else what the other will do or not do,” the eldest Venot adds. 

Elena Venot, who is France’s best female player, also has plans for Argentina as she has been invited to take part in the Abierto Feminino, the most competitive competition in the world. 

“It was Luisa Del Carril who asked me to join her in a new team, La Ensenada. It’s an incredible opportunity. I’m going to leave at the beginning of November to organize my horses and prepare myself to put all the chances on our side,” she further shares.

The dream of the Frenchwoman, who is expected to move up to handicap 7 next season, goes even further. Elena opens up, “The idea is that we can participate together with my sisters in this Argentine Open. I don’t know if it will happen, but it is a goal we are working on.”

Polo is a story of dreams. That of Morgan who saw their efforts rewarded today with her first title in the Open de France Engel & Völkers. That of the Venot sisters who are dreaming of Palermo. That of the defeated teams who are already thinking about the organization that needs to be put in place to win this beautiful trophy in 2022.

And of course, that of the great players and speedy horses who have offered the world of polo and the public pure magic during these three weeks. 

Now, it’s time for the French Championships, which will start next week on the same grounds of the Polo Club de Chantilly, which is also the federal polo center. It is a great way to enjoy the thrilling French polo season just a little longer.

Photographs by Justine Jacquemot

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