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Pampeano Goes Online: A One-Stop Shop For All Your Polo Needs

Pampeano Goes Online: A One-Stop Shop For All Your Polo Needs


Pampeano is a luxury South American lifestyle brand that started out in the polo fields of Argentina. Immersed in a land where some of the world’s finest polo players, wild gauchos, and skilled craftsmen lived, Pampeano naturally flourished, creating luxury equestrian leather items and embracing their natural surroundings.

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The polo scene in Argentina is thriving, with the local families living and breathing the sport. Children learn to ride as soon as they can walk, and in school age, start to learn their heritage craft in leatherwork. The surrounding landscapes are so vast that the herds of cattle roam freely across beautiful estancias, feeding only off the land. This is what contributes to the unparalleled quality of beef and leather that Argentina is so well known for.

After seeking out and hand-selecting the most premium Argentine leathers, Pampeano works closely with the native artisans to handcraft technical Polo products, including boots, saddles, and kneepads. The exquisite quality of these pieces is what first gave Pampeano their reputation that is now renowned over the world.

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After seeking out and hand-selecting the most premium Argentine leathers, Pampeano works closely with the native artisans to handcraft technical Polo products, including boots, saddles, and kneepads. The exquisite quality of these pieces is what first gave Pampeano their reputation that is now renowned over the world.

Pampeano quickly went on to become the leading supplier of all technical polo equipment for both horse and player, providing everything that is needed for the sport. This includes the hugely successful line of iconic polo belts.

Originally used to provide teams with their colors, Pampeano’s polo belts have become famous both on and off the pitch as a luxury fashion accessory staple.

They are all hand-stitched by master artisans, in a traditional Argentine process that takes approximately five hours to complete each one. Every Pampeano polo belt tells a story, with the traditional diamond pampa patterns echoing the peaks and troughs of the Andes Mountain range.

The suppleness of the thick Havana brown leather is unparalleled, and the iconic, vibrant patterns are woven using colored wax-dipped saddlery threads. There is a stunning array of designs to choose from, and as they are all made by hand, it means that no two will ever be the same, making them as individual as the people who wear them. Two widths are also available, so that they can be worn with everything from Jjans and chinos to jodhpurs and Pampeano’s polo whites.

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All of Pampeano’s polo, fashion, and home pieces are available on their luxury website (, which transports you to their world—providing a real piece of the South American lifestyle. Here, you can discover their history and heritage, values, craftsmanship, artisans, stories from the heart of Argentina, and stunning collections of authentic products.

Worldwide shipping allows polo players from all corners of the globe to access their exquisite and famed pieces. What’s more, every technical polo product from Pampeano undergoes rigorous quality control testing and is vetted by professional players before passing approval. Pampeano’s website truly is an online destination worth bookmarking for everything you could possibly need, all in one place.

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Worth noting is their complete polo sets, perfect for both new players just about to take up the sport or professionals who just purchased a new pony. The sets provide everything you need for you and your pony in one package. The complete polo pony tack set, for example, comprises of everything from a choice of saddles to a choice of bits. Several color options are also available so that you can coordinate everything from your saddle blanket to your over girth.

With everything in one place and all being dispatched together, Pampeano has made it extremely convenient to order all of your polo kit in one go.

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Pampeano further accommodates every client’s needs by providing luxury personalization and bespoke design services. This ensures that there really is something to suit everyone, creating a truly special and memorable experience. A colorful collection of robust, padded canvas and leather stick, kit, boot, and saddlebags are offered to protect your important pieces of kit, which can be embroidered at your request.

The Polo Lady logo and website has been embroidered with bright white thread onto one of Pampeano’s classic navy sports bags with eye-catching results. To discuss your own bespoke design ideas, just send an email to

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On the Pampeano website, Argentine and American style saddles are offered in both smooth leather and soft suede in standard, or you can opt to have your own saddle handcrafted just for you with a completely bespoke design. This includes the size, which can be made to measure, suiting the exact measurements of your polo pony for ultimate comfort and support while riding. Previous bespoke designs have included team colors, national flags, and custom embroidery.

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Adding to the list of personalized products are Pampeano’s polo sticks, which are handmade  by one of the most celebrated stick makers in the world.

These can be hand-painted with your own initials, positioned on the weighted tipa head.

The Malaysian rattan canes of the sticks are also available in a range of lengths, from 42” to 54” with various weight heads. Finally, there are Pampeano’s eponymous Argentine leather polo belts and dog leads, which can be blind-embossed with your own initials, hand-pressed into the leather.

The iconic pampa hand-stitching that is instantly recognizable, polo shop highly sought after, and synonymous with Pampeano, has been incorporated onto a number of their products. First found on their polo belts, the hard-wearing and vibrant saddlery threads have been handwoven onto Argentine leather browbands and dog accessories in a selection of different colors. The browbands can be teamed with the traditional Argentine saddle blankets and premium fleece polo bandages of the same color for a fully coordinated set. There are also sets of leather headcollars and lead ropes which feature this stunning, Aztec stitching.

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For days when you are enjoying the sunshine at the side of the pitch, spectating as opposed to playing, Pampeano offers large Navajo picnic rugs, with leather picnic straps which can be personalized and feature the same iconic, woven pampa diamonds which match the colors of the rugs available.

After a day of polo, Pampeano continues this sense of South American luxury and polo lifestyle right through into your home and wardrobe with stunning artisanal pieces.


For your interiors, Pampeano offers accessories handcrafted from the most lustrous leathers and beautiful woven fabrics with Argentine and equestrian accents. For the wardrobe, the brand houses exquisite cashmere and alpaca from Peru in the form of capes, ponchos, and scarves. Sorted by room, all of Pampeano’s products are easily accessible on their website.

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There is also a gift section where you can get goodies for other polo enthusiasts in your life. Our favorite is the baby polo mallet, a beautifully crafted novelty, gift-wrapped to mark any special occasion which, once again, can be personalized with hand-painted lettering.


Pampeano is located at  8 Nuffield Park, Ledgers Close, Oxford OX4 6JS, UK. To know more visit or reach out to them via phone (+44 (0) 1865 773709 /+44 (0) 7950 754743). 

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