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New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

Mariel Abanes
New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

We’re leaving behind the past year without looking back—we’re only moving forward. 2021 is here, and it’s the best time to work on being better. Here’s where the traditional new year’s resolutions come into the picture.

Unlike the past years, we’re living in the ‘new normal’ and have more time in our hands. So this time, don’t lose your focus and keep your eyes on the prize. We also recommend that you keep your list short and simple, going for bite-sized but realistic goals.

Of course, it’s mainly personal and differs per individual. But if you’re currently stuck with nothing, here’s our list of specific goals for the new year—along with some tips on how you can stick with it.


1. Get better sleep. A polo lady needs an adequate amount of rest for a great play in the field. It’s essential to clock in the zzzs, so make your bedtime more consistent this 2021. Try relaxing activities and avoid prolonged gadget use an hour before you hit the sack. You may want to experiment on tools that may aid your sleep, like the new Amazfit ZenBuds. These earphones help users sleep better and smarter thanks to their noise-blocking and real-time sleep monitoring functions. You’ll wake up more energized and ready to face the day!

New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

2. Hit the treadmill daily. There are days when lazing around is the better option, but don’t let this keep you from getting the endorphins! If a full workout doesn’t sit right on today’s agenda, stepping on the treadmill could do the trick! Try the Amazfit AirRun, a foldable home treadmill with eight shock absorbers installed between the running board and the mainframe. It effectively absorbs the impact of each step, protecting the knees and, at the same time, achieving a noise-reducing effect.

New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

3. Explore more flavors! The pandemic shouldn’t limit you—there are countless ways to explore other places without putting yourself and your family at risk. If you’re eager for a taste of wanderlust, let your taste buds do the exploring for you. Try learning a dish from your favorite country or stock up on imported goods (like wine!) that will instantly make you feel like you’re on holiday.

New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

4. Write. Invest time in writing down your thoughts this year. As in really jotting down those words with a pen and a journal. Give yourself a break from the screens and the stress that the current times bring us. Whether you have five or 30 minutes, this little gesture offers a safe space where you can be honest with yourself.

New Year’s Resolutions For A Polo Lady

5. Improve your polo. This is a non-negotiable, of course, as we all strive for betterment whenever we hop on the saddle and play. Putting this on your list is a nudge, an encouragement, and a reminder to leave room for improvement every single day.

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