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The Success of Torneo Almanzor

The Success of Torneo Almanzor

women’s polo tournament

On June 25, 2016, we had the first Torneo Almanzor—named after the highest mountain in Gredos, and at whose base you can find Candeleda, where the tournament was held. Candeleda is a town located in the province of Ávila where you can enjoy not only good weather and beautiful views during the whole year, but also playing polo amongst friends.

How everything began

The idea came an evening after a match of another tournament, where some players and their families got together for dinner and drinks. The wives and daughters of players started joking about them playing in the next tournament. What started out as a casual comment began to take shape as the women got excited about the idea. There were enough people interested to form a list! 

That night, the start button was pressed—the girls had the desire all along. The only thing missing was the determination to organize a tournament. And with that attitude, everyone resumed training polo and preparing for Torneo Almanzor.

On the day

The landscape was perfect, the polo arena had a wonderful view of the mountains and the Rosarito reservoir was waiting for the match to start. The girls were ready. Some are active Polo players, but many are returning after a long period of inactivity, recent maternity, or just stick and ball on the weekends. Others were making their debut. But everybody had a common denominator—hobby horse, hobby polo, and enjoyment of the good feelings that the Almanzor mountain gives them.

It was a hot afternoon and the excitement of players and families, together with the healthy competition that was building up during the week, just added to the heat of the moment. But that was expected—it is always encouraging and fun to play against friends.

women's polo

The game

The evening started with a two chukker game between Abante & Casa Cuervo and Candelaria. Regina Cabezas was the first to score for Candelaria, but Abante & Casa Cuervo were soon to tie the game. After some good opportunities by both teams, Candelaria ended up winning the game.

It was the chance for Postoloboso to play against Candelaria, and they didn’t disappoint. The game was fast and demanding. Again, Candelaria opened the scoreboard, but the second chukker was absolutely dominated by Postoloboso, who ended up winning the game.

As the sun was setting, it was time for the third and last game—Postoloboso against Abante & Casa Cuervo. It was a tied game from the beginning up until the last minute, when Postoloboso scored two amazing goals, winning the tournament.

With happy faces from all of the players and families for the friendly and at the same time competitive game, the award ceremony began. There were gifts for all of the teams and grooms that made this great experience possible.

The winning team Postoloboso obtained an ECOALF pack containing a backpack, a cosmetic bag, and a t-shirt. Candelaria players, who placed second, each received a painting from the artist Celine Maestroni. The third prize sponsored by Abante consisted of a bag, towel, and t-shirt and was for Abante & Casa Cuervo. All players received products from Crin Blanca, a specialist in products for horses. Regina Cabezas was elected MVP for the tournament and was presented with a beautiful silver necklace designed for the occasion by Celine Maestroni.

After the awards, it was time to celebrate and toast the success of the tournament. Food, drinks, and music until late in the night were the finishing touch to an afternoon of sport and fun among friends. Everyone was already talking about the second Torneo Almanzor!  

It would be great if new teams would sign up for the next edition of Women’s Almanzor Polo. It would be a pleasure for local players to welcome new teams and players.

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