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More Teams Are Joining The Polo Rider Cup 2021

More Teams Are Joining The Polo Rider Cup 2021

Polo Rider Cup

The upcoming Polo Rider Cup 2021, happening on June 10 to 20 at the Polo Club of Chantilly, turns to an exciting twist as two more clubs announce their participation in the mid-year games.

The Moscow Polo Club from Russia and Evviva Polo St. Moritz from Switzerland join the lineup of great teams who’ll grace the Polo Rider Cup field. These clubs will be competing against three other confirmed teams—Chantilly Polo Club, Hamburger Polo Club, and Dos Lunas Polo Club.

Polo Rider Cup

The Russian team is composed of players Gleb Fetisov, Misha Rodzianko, Clement Delfosse, and Edouard Pan. This will be the club’s debut tournament at the international level. Captain Misha says, “We hope our lineup, comprising two Russians and two Frenchmen, will do well. Our club’s goal has always been to develop polo locally. Taking part in challenging international events is key to developing a taste for higher levels of the game at home. We have looked to the club in Chantilly for inspiration since our inception and very much look forward to this competition!”

Mosow Polo Club Polo Rider Cup

Meanwhile, the St. Moritz team brings Andy Bihrer/Piero Dillier, Lucas Labat, Martin Aguerre,  and Tommy Rinderknecht to the much-anticipated match. With two Swiss and two Argentine players on their end, expect a thrilling performance from the players of Evviva Polo St. Moritz. Team captain Tommy says, “This event is the first time that a competition brings together polo clubs and their players from many places, thanks to the support of Federation of International Polo and the implication of the clubs. We are very much looking forward to this exciting event in Chantilly.”

Evviva St. Moritz Polo Rider Cup

Tickets to the POLO Rider Cup are now available via three outlets: the POLO Rider Cup website, France Billet, or Fnac.

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