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Meet The Victorious In The Polo Rider Cup Semi Finals

Meet The Victorious In The Polo Rider Cup Semi Finals

Polo Rider Cup Semi Finals

Polo Park Zürich and Deauville International Polo Club are the winners of the Polo Rider Cup 2021 semi finals on June 18.

At the opening game of the day, Polo Park Zürich, with Richard Harris (0), Elena Venot (1), Min Podesta (7), and Carlos Solari (4), beat Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley, with Clément Smith (0), Marcos Harriot (4), Tito Ruiz Guiñazu (7), and Derek Smith (1), in a thrilling match and won by 6 to 5 goals. The Swiss team secured a place at the final of the tournament that will take place on June 20. 

The first chukker ended with a three-goal lead by Polo Park Zürich, with one goal of Carlos and two goals of Min. At the opening of the second chukker, Tito Ruizscored the first goal for his team and shortened the gap. Afterwards, coming from behind, Min, with an excellent combination with Carlos, increased the gap with another goal. Tito Ruiz scored again to narrow the gap.

At the third chukker, Carlos scored his second goal of the game. In the last seconds of the chukker, another goal from Tito Ruiz put emotion to the game with 5 to 3 on the score.

Marcos, who replaced Guillermo Li, scored a goal at the fourth chukker to close the gap, but another goal from Min reestablished the score. Tito Ruiz scored his fourth goal at the last chukker of the game that determined the game’s final result.

After the match, the winner of the best playing pony was Mia from Tito Ruiz Guiñazu. 

Polo Rider Cup Semi Finals

The second spot for the final is for Deauville International Polo Club, after defeating Hong Kong Polo Association by 7 to 5 goals.

Deauville International Polo Club, with Ulysse Eisenchteter (0), Patrick Eisenchteter (1), Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (6), and Juan José Storni (5), started with a strong performance. At the end of the second chukker, the French team was leading by 5 to 0. Hong Kong Polo Association, with Cyrille Costes (0), Thierry Vetois (3), Adrien Le Gallo (3), and Brieuc Rigaux (4), made an impressive comeback at the third chukker with three goals by Brieuc that shortened the gap by 5 to 3. 

At the opening of the fourth chukker, Brieuc opened the chukker again, but Pierre-Henri and Juan José scored two crucial goals to get a 3-goal lead.

The last chukker was played under the rain, and Brieu scored his fifth goal of the game. But the match ended with two goals leading in favor of Deauville International Polo Club with 7 to 5.

Galan from Brieu Rigaux was awarded the winner of the best playing pony.

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