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Meet Rose Hermès

Meet Rose Hermès

Hermès Beauty Silky Blushes

Following on from Rouge Hermès, the founding gesture of Hermès Beauty, comes Rose Hermès. Composed of eight shades of Rose Hermès Silky Blush, two brushes, a Pommette blush case, and three rosy lip enhancers, the new Rose Hermès collection of refillable and durable objects opens a new chapter for Hermès Beauty. While Rouge Hermès is color contained within a distinct line, Rose Hermès is the hue of a sensitive and radiant presence, the subtly nuanced continuation of a narrative composed of all the candid, tender, sensual, fresh, muted, intense, and electric pinks the house has created since its origins.

Rose Hermes

Rose Hermès Silky Blush

To the eye, the pan is round like rosy cheeks. Its surface reproduces the twill weave of Hermès scarves, the weave that gives the 75,000 colors of Hermès silk their freshness, intensity and light. At once ethereal and compact, the texture of Rose Hermès Silky Blush unfolds in a swathe of light. From dawn dew to tones of warm sand, with the radiance of a familiar gesture, it sweeps across the cheek. A pink zephyr, a pink halo, it frames each face with elemental emotion, softening or asserting it, freely, weightlessly. Fine and velvety, the powder tints the skin with translucent color. At the heart of its formula, a mineral powder eliminates weight for a sheer quality. Vitamin E provides antioxidant properties, combining its perfect finish with buildable coverage, from the most natural to the most sophisticated.

Rose Hermès Silky Blush is also a long-lasting powder that clings to the skin with the first
touch. An ally in pink, its presence can be asserted or softened with a single gesture.It is composed of key notes in a chromatic harmony of colors and scents. A new fragrance created by Christine Nagel in the same vein as Rouge Hermès reveals notes of arnica and sandalwood given a twist by hints of green tea.


Blush brush

With its lacquered wooden handle and brushed metal ferrule, it becomes an exceptional object. The goat bristle fibers, hand-assembled by a French brush-maker, exalt an everyday gesture. It enhances a daily ritual, inviting gentle application to the skin.

Rose Hermes

Travel blush brush

Releasing just the right amount of powder on the skin, it provides sheer color. Its metal handle with two finishes—white lacquer and brushed gold—and its generous, slanted shape follow the contours of the face. Its small size and strong, easy-to-clean synthetic fibers make this object ideal for travel.

Rose Hermes

Pommette blush case

Specifically designed for Rose Hermès Silky Blush and the travel blush brush, its curves enhance the realm of Hermès Beauty. With its adjustable strap for wearing on the shoulder and interior and exterior in Rose Extrême Madame calfskin, it bears the signature of individuality.

Rose Hermes

Rosy Lip Enhancer

A collection of three pinks ranging from the lightest to the darkest, in shades that capture all the freshness of pink, these gems are simply warmed with a soft and sunny sheen for translucent color. Three pinks for a radiant smile.

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