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The Beauty Of Martindale Queen’s Cup in Argentina

The Beauty Of Martindale Queen’s Cup in Argentina

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The Martindale Queen’s Cup was able to raise  $210,000 for a children’s home!

Once again, polo hosted a special event for charity organized by Martindale Country Club last November 12—the seventh edition of the Queen’s Cup.

The event, presented by EXIMIA, aimed to raise funds for the children’s home Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Capitán Sarmiento, Province of Buenos Aires.

Norita Heguy, as the trophy is called, is well known for helping women earn their place in Argentinean Polo. It was kindly donated by Claudia Pistarini. In total, 12 teams participated in the tournament with a maximum of 6 goals of handicap.

The final was between Mustique Polo Team and Guido Guidi Polo Team. The latter defeated the former 6 to 1. 

The winners received a trophy from ex-polo player Marcos Heguy and his niece polo player Jesucita Heguy. Mía Novillo Astrada was chosen Most Valuable Player of the tournament, Mía Cambiaso was awarded MVP of the final, and Guillermina Suffern who played for Illinois-Ona Polo Team.

But the tournament offered more than just polo—it also included a beauty center with OPI manicurists, María Grebol makeup artists, the cosmetologist Elian Yacofan, and even an osteopath and massage therapist, Mariana Bacas.

Nonetheless, the best news is that more than $210,000 were raised for the children’s home.

As there is no better way to end such an event than with music, the group Estrategas made everyone hit the dance floor after the trophy presentation.

A note from the editor: Two years ago, the manager of a very famous and snobbish Polo club said to me, “To watch female polo is disgusting! Pathetic!” I have heard this so many times here and there.

But we suggest you look at these pictures. Where else in polo can you see so much beauty? If you collect all the men’s polo tournaments played in the last 100 years, together, they would not assemble so much kindness and smiles, as brought together in the playing of the Martindale Queen’s Cup!

Unfortunately, this manager still has the same opinion. On the flip side, the world no longer agrees with him. Мore and more women’s polo tournaments are becoming fashionable charity events. This is one of the main roles of women’s polo. We can play polo, stay beautiful, and encourage other women as well.

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