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Luxury Escape in Polo Valley

Luxury Escape in Polo Valley

Polo Valley Hotel

What do you get when you combine Powder Byrne, a luxury holiday company, with the magic of a unique sport like Polo? Your answer—Polo Valley in Andalusia, Spain!

With over 300 days of sunshine, world-class Tifton fields, and some of the best levels of Polo, Polo Valley is a must for all those struck with the Polo bug.

The same core values have led to the success of Powder Byrne, an industry leader in luxury holidays, have been deeply embedded within the DNA of this new and ambitious Polo startup. Speaking with owner and director Christian Byrne and Polo manager Alvaro Ara made it clear that both share big ambitions for Polo Valley.

Quality, excellence, and the ‘a nothing is too much trouble’ attitude are very much at the forefront of the service offered both on and off the Polo field.

Fueled by their passion for this beautiful game we all love, they reiterated how they wanted more people to learn and discover Polo; that you don’t have to be super rich or a millionaire to play and enjoy Polo and get top service. They told us that some clients have no riding experience at all, but by the end of the day, they are playing baby chukkas and that’s it—like many of us, they are hooked! It’s about getting more people to like the sport through our gates which will, in turn, benefit the sport of Polo as a whole.

Polo Valley Coach

It is no wonder that Polo Valley is already witnessing a high rate of rebooking. They care about the little things and critically value each and every client that walks through their gate. One of their clients, Mark Bishop, already walked to the office after his first morning stick and ball lesson to rebook his second week-long trip in August.

We caught up with Mark again towards the end of his trip. He told Polo Times that “Polo heaven” is the only way to describe Polo Valley’s finca, staff, horses, and service.

Its location along the valley is both stunning and spiritual; the facilities are magnificent and totally immaculate; the horses, saddles, and tack are absolutely pristine; the staff are open, friendly, attentive, alert, and professional. The whole setup, ambiance, and ethos are of the highest order. You will not receive a five-star service whilst there—you will be given an unequivocal “six-star” service. Don’t hesitate, go, and come back a changed person and a better rider and player!

Prices are also very reasonable, too, with a long weekend of Polo (three full days) starting at €1,285, including accommodation on full board and private airport transfers. For those lucky enough to escape for longer, a week’s stay at the Finca starts at €2,660.

Founder of Powder Byrne and Polo Valley told POLO LADY, “We want everyone walking through our gates to feel like a high-goal patron.” And a quick look around will give you enough evidence to see this for yourself.

Resort Managers Freddie and Rachel and the rest of the resort team, who have been finely tuned working for Powder Byrne, are there to look after you off the Polo field. Whether it’s handing you ice-cold water in between chukkas or recommending and making dinner reservations for you, it all contributes to what can only be described as the ultimate Polo getaway.

Polo Field in Polo Valley
Fitness in Polo Valley

The boot room, with over 20 pairs of brand new boots, polished and cleaned ready for clients, the office where one receives a fresh café con leche whilst checking in. The little details are certainly there. It is fair to say that Polo Valley has a very exciting and bright future ahead of them. We ourselves will certainly be back!

Flights and transfers to Polo Valley are incredibly easy and quick, even without the Polo Valley touch. It takes a short flight and a thirty-minute private transfer from Gibraltar Airport to Polo Valley, and you could play Polo and sip on a cold beer under the sun, looking out over some breathtaking views, the very same afternoon.

Asado in Polo Valley
Argentina style asado

With the 22 goal starting mid-July through August, why not tie in watching some of the world’s best players with some training for yourself? If a summer escape is out of the question, Polo Valley operates from February through to the end of October, with year-round sunshine and a passionate team working hard to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

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