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Implementing Ladies’ Handicap at Real Federación Española de Polo

Implementing Ladies’ Handicap at Real Federación Española de Polo

The Real Federación Española de Polo was founded in 1972. From that time to the present day, the Federation is responsible for enhancing, organizing, and promoting Polo in Spain.

Jerez de la Frontera was the first Polo city in Spain, and the first Polo club Jerez Polo Club was founded in 1872.

Regarding Ladies’ Polo and due to the increasing number of women players situated in Spain, the Real Federación Española de Polo established the first Ladies Polo Tournament in 2007.

Presently, the sports council has established a program for women playing Polo which has now been introduced to other sports federations. Although Polo is a sport where women compete at the same level as men, the RFEP has established a ruling committee exclusively for women players.

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One of the first people to promote Spanish Ladies’ Polo was Eva Campos, the woman behind Club de Polo Ampurdan and organizer of the Spanish National Tournament, amongst many other women’s competitions.

Polo is one of the few sports where women compete against men under the same rules. The establishment of women’s handicap has not yet been inaugurated in Spain. However, clubs, where tournaments are played, have been authorized to apply the ladies’ handicap conversion.

The idea behind the conversion system is to readjust female Polo players’ handicaps to meet other countries’ regulations. Since very few women players have a handicap 1 or more out of 102 players registered in RFEP, this has resulted in a large difference between players with the same handicap.

There have been seven ladies’ tournaments in the calendar of RFEP in the 2015 season. This year’s Spanish National tournament was the principal event, with six teams participating at Sotogrande Polo Club.

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If one has to mention a club where Ladies’ Polo plays an outstanding part, it is in Club de Polo Ampurdan. Eva Campos and her team organize the most important Ladies’ Polo tournaments aside from the Spanish National tournament.

This year and for the second year running, La Mata del Herrador Polo Club also joined in organizing Ladies’ Polo tournaments including the Andalucía Ladies Tournament and International Ladies Cup.

The conversion chart for handicaps is as follows.

Absolute HCP       Ladies HCP

          -1                            1

          0                             3

          1                              4

          2                             6

          3                             8

          4                             9

          5                            10

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