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Lacoste’s Classic Shoe, Reinvented

Lacoste’s Classic Shoe, Reinvented

There are days when we just need to take a break from our riding boots and wear something comfy. However, comfy doesn’t mean old-fashioned—one can don stylish kicks for lazy lounge or even active days.

A pair that could take you places in style and sensibilities is Lacoste’s new footwear silhouette, the L001.

Revealed by the renowned connoisseur of both the streetwear and fashion scenes, rapper A$AP Nast radiates in the recent Play Collective campaign—his interpretation of elegance.

The L001 takes Lacoste’s rich tennis heritage and twists it into a new and utterly modern shoe; an instant classic. As the naming suggests—this is a totally new sneaker, registered by Lacoste as the first of its kind, a dynamic style with reinvention at its heart. 

lacoste L001 Play Collective campaign

The sneaker’s key details are taken from treasures in the Lacoste archive—the Rene, the first ever shoe created by Rene Lacoste, and a vintage racket from the 1980s. The retro shape and mood of the Rene informs the spirit of the new L001. Meanwhile, the kinetic lines running along the racket’s handle are directly transferred into an angular triangular design on the sneaker’s upper.

The footwear is elegantly sporty. It speaks to a visually-literate generation who have a keen understanding of references and whose passion for great design will not be limited to the traditional categories of menswear and womenswear. Such an ethos has always been key to Lacoste’s ethos, as exemplified by the now iconic polo-shirt, adored by a broad range of individuals. 

lacoste L001 Play Collective campaign

This all new shoe pays tribute to the iconic details and recognizable motifs of classic sportswear—the clean stripes and the subtle use of primary brights and classic hues, as well as the timeless white, court green, rich navy, light mahogany, plum, saffron, classic red, and mint.

Archive elements abound. This shoe takes references from and has a respect for the artefacts of culture. Clean, geometric lines compliment a classic herringbone-patterned upper, which nods to classic footwear styles. A thick yet streamlined sole has a nostalgic appeal, while a smooth tumble leather makes this an elevated choice, workable for all occasions.

This sneaker is the perfect balance of references and details. The clever design infers lifestyle and all-day active possibilities. The L001 is a melting pot of Lacoste’s most iconic heritage elements and tennis DNA with the codes of the now—a modern fashion staple, authentically rooted in history.

While there is visible Croc branding on the heel, logos are treated lightly and subtly, crafting a minimalist look that ensures longevity. It is a refined choice for those who respect the rich culture and design heritage of sportswear and footwear, and who want a sneaker that lets them live the hectic pace of the now.

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