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Kanava Hotels & Resorts Reopen In Greece

Kanava Hotels & Resorts Reopen In Greece

Kanava Resort in Greece

Dreaming of the ultimate summer escapade in Greece? Good news for lovers of this paradise as Kanava Hotels & Resorts, Greece’s leading luxury hospitality group, announces the reopening of its properties in Santorini and Paros for the 2021. This includes Mystique, Vedema, Nafsika Estate, Istoria, Parīlio, Acron Villas, Hommage Villa Collection, and Korono Boutique Hotel.

Kanava Hotels & Resorts Greece

Alongside thoughtfully bespoke experiences and offerings that cater to the current climate while ensuring that guests taste the Greek essence of distinctive hospitality fused with a soulful way of life, a new five-star hotel in Paros will open the following year.

The hotel will also introduce a selection of offerings designed to cater to the evolving needs of discerning travellers as holidays resume. Their suite and villa escapes provide guests with a selection of exclusive benefits designed to offer an even more personalized experience.

At their luxury collection hotel Mystique Santorini an evolution of the typical well-being escape will offer guests a complete ecosystem of mindfulness. One where finding peace with nature is aided by the hotel’s cave-style architecture, all-natural design, and authentic wellness experiences.

The property, along with Kanava’s design hotel Parīlio in Paros, will also feature a collaboration with Anthologist boutique, a positive-impact design brand which shares the same values and passion for cultural preservation, authenticity and sustainability. Find artisanal and one-of-a-kind pieces that will suit every traveller’s liking.

The beginning of the summer season will also mark the launch of Circe bars throughout the hotel brand’s properties. Inspired by Circe, the daughter of Helios who was a powerful enchantress with experience in the art of herbs, the new concept will feature wellness-inspired low-proof cocktails and traditional Greek-flavored drinks and nibbles that will transport guests on a culinary journey around the world.

The Kanava Hotels & Resorts story began over 30 years ago and since then, founders Kalia and Antonis Eliopoulos have gained a reputation in Greece for their essence of distinctive hospitality. Together, they have set the benchmark for luxury hospitality in the Cyclades, weaving their passion for sustainability, wellness, epicurean experiences and subtle design.

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