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It’s All Glitter And Spark With Pandora’s Winter Pieces

It’s All Glitter And Spark With Pandora’s Winter Pieces

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We’re more than halfway through the frosty season, but it doesn’t mean that we’re ready to leave the cold just yet. Maximize the festive vibe through your style, with chic and gorgeous winter pieces that will make your layered outfits stand out amidst the thick blanket of snow. Our picks? Pandora’s winter pieces that are all glitter and spark!


Pandora Me

If you’re looking for accessories that will speak of who you are, go for the Pandora Me collection. Offering unique pieces that will express your personality, its styles take inspiration from the modern world—including music, online culture, and fashion. Silver and a unique mixture of metals plated with 14k rose gold and ruthenium are represented in a varied combination of metals. Meanwhile, cultured freshwater pearls and vibrant glaze colors are essential details. Finally, collectible chain links with words along with symbols and medallions are unique charms that are perfect for the creative, bold, and imaginative individuals who will wear them.

Pandora Moments

Revel in and savor the moments this winter with the Pandora Moments. Banish the darkness with a dazzling necklace and circular bracelet with the asymmetric peacock star. Add sparkle to your bracelet with the Pandora star pendant and crescent. The galaxy can be yours with galactic blue bead, with a star made of Murano glass. Lastly, buckle your snake chain with an asymmetric star.

Pandora Timeless

The Pandora Timeless collection offers classic but refined styles, which will allow you to celebrate any occasion in timeless elegance. With handmade finishes, innovative cuts, and brightly-colored blue, green, and the pink stones, each piece is made to delight its wearer. Red, gold, and silver colors are intertwined to make a lasting impression of celebrations beyond the holiday season.

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