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Inside The Winter Issue 2020

Inside The Winter Issue 2020

Winter Issue 2020

Just in time for snowfall, POLO LADY magazine has released its Comeback Issue that’s loaded with insightful and inspiring stories on polo, women, and lifestyle. With more than 160 pages of content for your reading pleasure, the magazine is your perfect companion for the colder season.

We introduce the issue with the Polo section, where we highlighted this year’s polo scene. In Clubs, read about four polo clubs from different parts of the world rising in the ranks. 

Handpicked remarkable stories are also covered like the unstoppable rise in women’s polo in South Africa. There’s also a refresher on snow polo tournaments around the world! As a bonus, we included a guide for aspiring snow polo players by the Godfather of Snow Polo Reto Gaudenzi. We tackled how the polo world is coping with the current health pandemic. And finally, we put the top women players in the spotlight to honor their hard work, talent, and dedication to the sport.

Are you up for some light reading? Find a curated list of books about polo that POLO LADY highly recommends.

In the Women section, we find out why these leading ladies in polo deserve to be in the POLO LADY Hall of Fame. In our cover story, we featured the legacy of the Snow Queen Melissa Ganzi. Lia Salvo justifies her status as a top player as she reflects on her wonderful journey in pursuit of greatness.

Other women of polo that you’ll find in this issue are the multi-hyphenate Pamela Flanagan and the USPA Women’s Committee Chairwoman Meghan Gracida. We also put the spotlight on women polo players from different cultures to bring us more insights. We present the owner of Thai Polo & Equestrian Club Nunthinee Tanner, and two actress-slash-polo players, Saye Yabandeh and Alena Chekhova.

Beyond polo, we talked to three women who hold the sport dearly in their hearts. We have renowned polo photographer Irina Kazaridi, Stick & Ball owner Elizabeth Welborn, and former POLO LADY editor Katya Prunkova.

Lots of fun awaits inside the Lifestyle section! Dress up to the nines this holiday polo player Rebekah Greenhill’s outfit ideas. Staying fit is also mandatory, so we consulted Chukka Wellness founder India Parker-Smith. Of course, we have tips for keeping your skin glowing in the Beauty stories, too!

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to travel, we’re finally giving it to you! We have created city guides for top destinations for polo players, including Aspen (USA) and Pattaya (Thailand). We did not forget about the gifts, so you’ll find thoughtful presents for a POLO LADY made by polo player and entrepreneur Renata Sanfilippo.

Read the POLO LADY Winter Issue 2020 here and grab your own copy of the coffee table magazine now!

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