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The Impact Of Green Is The New Blue Project

The Impact Of Green Is The New Blue Project

Stephanie Bulger with horse

Every small step contributes to a greater cause—it’s the most important mantra when shifting to the green mindset. Combine action with will and passion for truly making a difference, and a bigger impact follows suit. This is how Stephanie Bulger sowed the seeds of her self-built environmental non-profit Green is the New Blue. This is also how she’ll continue to tend to the buds she planted herself.

The organization, which launched in early 2019, aims for two things: to educate the equine industry about best practices for sustainability and ecological safety and provide the tools to make these changes easy and straightforward to implement. The idea of founding this non-profit came one day during one of Stephanie’s attendance in a top horse show. Wanting to take a stroll and graze, she noticed all sorts of trash scattered as an aftermath of the event.

Green Is The New Blue

“I couldn’t find any grass that didn’t have a litter, cigarette butts, or other bits of garbage strewn about. I started to look around and noticed that there was not a single recycling bin at the entire facility,” she recounts. “It hit me like a wave—horses and horse shows generate a ton of waste, from shaving bags to baling twine and medication tubes, and not to mention, all the garbage we humans generate.”

Since then, the founder decided to raise the cause within the equine field. Her deep love for her son, as well as horses, fueled her desire for them to have the best the world has to offer. And that can only be achieved if everyone will take part in keeping the planet a better place to live in. 

Green Is The New Blue

The good news is she isn’t alone in this goal. Less than a month after Green is the New Blue was launched, groups and individuals have already reached out and expressed their desire to collaborate. From the Upperville Colt and Horse Show, the oldest horse show in America, to major fall indoor shows, to one-day local shows, therapeutic riding centers, and more, people noticed and participated—a significant milestone that the organization is proud of.

Their initiatives range from waste management, spreading the word, and teaching groups and individuals on upcycling, recycling, reusing and reducing trash, and sustainability efforts. Now onto their second year of operations, they continue to run these projects and create others to further develop the movement. 

Green Is The New Blue

Presently, Stephanie and her team are busy working on the College Preparatory Invitational, a showcase for colleges, universities, and hopeful Intercollegiate equestrians. “We feel that it is crucial to start with the younger generation as they are the future and the driving force of the eco-conscious movement,” Stephanie shares. 

Apart from this, they also plan to green up some of the biggest horse shows in America, such as the Hampton Classic, The Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Brandywine, and the National Horse Show. Green is the New Blue will also branch out to the dressage, eventing, and polo communities in the near future, too.

Green Is The New Blue

And they’re not just stopping with just these things on their to-dos. The founder reveals that the organization is all aboard on researching alternatives and eco-friendly options for common barn items. More shows and barns take their “Refuse To Use” pledge and have banned single-use plastic. The team is also in talks with horse shows about their infrastructure and waste management practices. “We are aiming higher and higher and hope to ultimately bring change all the way to the top of the sport,” she claims.

When asked about how Stephanie wants Green is the New Blue to be known for, she answers it simply and straight to the point. “I want us to be known to educate and inspire, as well as advocate on behalf of our beautiful Mother Earth,” the founder ends.

To know more about Green is the New Blue, check out their website at

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