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Polo For Fun at Ibiza

Polo For Fun at Ibiza

Ibiza Polo Club

Ibiza Polo Club was founded six years ago and is now one of the most vibrant, lively, and popular Polo clubs in Europe. Polo tournaments are held in the club almost every week during the season, and these tournaments were created especially for us, the fans, passionately in love with Polo.

You don’t have to worry about your level of polo. Just come along and play, and you will be very welcome if you love the sun, relaxing, and having fun. Everything that is organized by Ibiza Polo Club is done with only one purpose—to have fun!

ibiza polo club

The owner of the club Gabriel Iglesias started the project in July 2010. He managed to bring together players with the highest HCP and in the two following tournaments, he was able to count on the presence of the Adolfo Cambiaso who, in addition, inaugurated Ibiza Polo Club’s sand by participating in the 3rd Ibiza Polo Cup.

Ibiza Polo Club is the meeting point of all international Polo players. Everyone can play here—beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Polo can be played all year round and players can also enjoy other attractions on the island. The club has one field, one outdoor arena, and simple facilities. It offers an extended international tournament calendar, a Polo school open all year long, and the possibility of organizing special events. Ibiza Polo Club is the pioneer in Polo team building.

It is situated in the heart of Ibiza, just 15 minutes from the Old Town, Marina, and Port in San Lorenzo which belongs to the town hall of San Joan de Labritja. The north side of the island offers a wide selection of excellent restaurants, hotels, and beautiful landscapes typical of Ibiza.

The island benefits from a strategic location and an incredible climate. It attracts an exclusive public, both international and European. Ibiza has its own pace and is also a trendy place to live. It has become one of the most exclusive destinations of the Mediterranean which makes it the ideal place for tourists from all around the world.

The ladies’ tournament is a new tournament for the Polo club, but for Gabriel, it was not difficult to form four teams in record time. The tournament has integrated players from Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, France, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Germany, and Spain. We all became friends on the first day and memories of this tournament will remain with us forever. The fresh breeze from the sea, the beautiful red sunset, and a light breeze—all made perfect for Polo. Each team had three ladies and one professional player, which all made the game quite dynamic and open.

Each team had three ladies and one professional player, which all made the game quite dynamic and open.

Guests and friends of the club were warmly welcomed by the players, sitting on couches in the shade of the bar.

A curious fact is that the soil in Ibiza is very unique—absolutely red—which makes the field look spacious and beautiful at the same time.

The red sun setting on the horizon and the vivid red dust rising in the air under the hoofs were one of the most exciting views I have ever seen. No need to describe the tournament, reporting on goals scored, and the lost attacks. It can all be limited to a few words—endless fun, laughter, and friendship.

After the game, we all went to Ses restaurant to enjoy the stunning home-cooked cuisine.

The philosophy of the restaurant is based on the optimal use of natural resources, without using synthetic chemicals or genetically modified products, thus, achieving organic food while the fertility of the land is conserved and the environment is respected.

After such a fantastic dinner, everyone went to the disco bus and enjoyed the hits of the summer until dawn.

The next day, the players enjoyed a lazy beach holiday. The sea in Ibiza deserves a special mention. Wherever you go, you will find an azure sea, great restaurants, and great water activities to suit all tastes.

Many of Ibiza’s beaches have powder soft sand, gentle slopes, and shallow water, making it ideal for those who just want to walk in the water or for those who want to float and splash around instead of swimming. All places are close to resort towns. There are plenty of beaches for adventure seekers, too.

Ibiza has seafood restaurants and beach bars (or chiringuitos) that serve fresh seafood, fantastic Mediterranean food, and various versions of paella and sangria. If you ask nicely, some places might even let you take your food out onto the beach, for the ultimate alfresco meal. Golden sandy beaches, breathtaking vistas, and fresh seafood — what more could you want?

The Finals were played at sunset and by a difference of only one point the team from Singapore won. The award ceremony was held at the club with generous gifts from sponsors to the sound of great music from the DJ. Gabriel and Eve warmly congratulated all the participants and no doubt we will all meet in Ibiza next year. Be sure you book your place, too!

If you want to play in Ibiza, there’s no need to wait for the women’s tournament. Come and play in the mixed cup or the famous Beach Polo Cup!

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