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A Sweet Sixteen Bash At Honolulu Polo Club

A Sweet Sixteen Bash At Honolulu Polo Club

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Honolulu Polo Club celebrated it’s sweet sixteen Wahine Polo Cup Tournament with a round-robin play between Honolulu Polo, Mokuleia/Sky Dive Hawaii, and Maui Polo Wahine. In what has become a much-anticipated event sponsored and hosted by the Honolulu Polo Club player Alice Broughton, this year’s sweet sixteen tournament benefited Susan G. Komen Hawaii Breast Cancer Fund.

Players from Hawaii, New Zealand, and California joined in this year’s exciting match. The weather gods blessed us with a heavy deluge early in the day but the rain didn’t deter the wahine.

These exceptional women played their hearts out, their ponies rose to the challenge, and the enthusiastic spectators were thrilled.

At half time, the spectators were invited on the field to ‘stomp divots’ which, the old timers commented, was the first time in the club’s 30-year history that it was needed.

The match was played under a round-robin format with two 7-goal and one 4-goal teams. Play between teams was very competitive, with Honolulu winning both its matches with a total score of 7 goals, followed by Maui Polo at 1 & 1 with a 6 goal score, and Mokuleia/Sky Dive Hawaii 0 & 2 with a combined score of 3 goals.


The MVP Award ‘a polo saddle’ went to Honolulu and New Zealand player, Missy Browne. The BPP Award went to Beatrice, owned by Mokuleia player Elizabeth Vary and played by Kirsten Ludwig.

Even though we were blessed with rain throughout the match, everyone was a winner, with players receiving George Wood polo mallets, custom lead ropes and halter, and several assorted gifts and certificates. Of course, the day’s festivities ended with the traditional Hawaiian Luau with lots of food, beverages, and musical entertainment.

As we say in Hawaii—Aloha ahui hou or ‘Til next year—all the players anxiously look forward to the 17th annual Wahine Polo Cup to take a shot at the annual MVP Polo saddle prize.

Winners Circle: Mokuleia/Sky Dive Hawaii (Kirsten Ludwig, Leilani Alquiza, Elizabeth Vary, and Ellen Morgenstern), Maui Polo (Jess Cole, Noelani Picollo, Danielle Travis, and Siri Masterson), and Honolulu Polo (Missy Browne, Sarah Agnew-Miller, Allyssa Barlow, and Alana Benz)

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