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Health And Wellness Under One Roof

Health And Wellness Under One Roof

The world is filled with options—whether it’s for our beloved horse or our self-care. But what we choose greatly impacts our overall wellness; that’s why as riders, we’re in constant search for what fits our lifestyle and preferences best. However, getting all the essentials in one go may seem an impossible task until the launch of Equestrian Wellness.

Equestrian Wellness

Equestrian Wellness is the brainchild of a clinical nutritionist, health coach, and entrepreneur Valerie Breslow. The brand carries a line of all-natural and organic, artisan-made skincare products for riders of all disciplines. They also offer wellness coaching that connects riders to the information and motivation needed to upgrade their eating and lifestyle habits. Having all your self-care and wellness under one roof, you need not look far and wide to provide for your needs.

Equestrian Wellness

“Working as a health coach and living a wellness-focused lifestyle, I am always in search of high-quality products containing simple and clean ingredients—everything from food to personal care products,” the founder tells POLO LADY. With this, she decided to launch a business focused on providing skin and body care products that would elevate equestrians’ well-being. From the initial helmet spray that introduced Equestrian Wellness to the market, Valerie has expanded the product line to include face care products, candles, soaps, bamboo wipes, arnica balm, and more.

As an equestrian herself, Valerie knows that riders are always exposed to damaging sun rays, rain, dirt, dust, sweat, and horse hair. While we may not turn to the labels when picking out personal care items, she does—and highly encourages more women to go the natural route.

Equestrian Wellness

“By switching to non-toxic personal care products, you’re making a conscious decision to take control over what gets absorbed into your skin. Our skin not only protects us from microbes and the elements, but it also helps to regulate body temperature and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. Therefore, anything that is on the skin will penetrate our pores and find its way into the body, thus the saying ‘if it’s on you, it’s in you’,” she says.

As we welcome the new year, the brand also turned a new leaf. They relaunched their entire product line, including rebranding, repackaging, and reformulating. Called the ‘Stable to City by Equestrian Wellness,’ it offers a premier line of 100% natural, plant-based, clean beauty, personal care products designed specifically for a rider’s extreme demands. It’s a modern apothecary approach to skincare—everything in the product line contains a simple list of natural, organic, and handcrafted ingredients that support a healthy and active lifestyle. Polo ladies will also find a complete face care line, candles, and soap to put on their cart.

Equestrian Wellness

If you’re new to the brand, the owner recommends trying out their pioneer product, the Essential Helmet Spray formula, designed to combat sweat-filled equipment with a fresh scent that smells both clean and fresh. You may also use it to spray your boots, fabrics, the car, and even your body! Their bamboo wipes are also perfect for quick clean-ups. These are made from sustainable bamboo infused with antibacterial and skin refreshing essential oils. Thus, it can be recycled! And finally, the arnica balm is a wonderful, all-natural muscle-soothing formula that is said to promote healing and calm sore and tight muscles. 

The owner believes in holistic wellness, too. This is why she included a roster of services to complete the self-care experience offered by Equestrian Wellness. 

Equestrian Wellness

“It’s always an honor and pleasure to work with fellow equestrians interested in upgrading their eating and lifestyle habits. So many riders simply put themselves at the bottom of their priority lists. But we need to give some time, attention, love, and self-care to ourselves,” Valerie explains. “With that in mind, I offer personalized and customized wellness programs that connect riders to the world of nutrition and wellness. Our coaching meets the rider wherever they are in their wellness journey. We provide the tools and information to make better choices when it comes to healthy food, lifestyle habits, wellness products, and mindfulness.”

Equestrian Wellness

So when you need a little health and wellness boost without the hassle of going around for everything your body requires, Equestrian Wellness is the one-stop shop you should definitely check out.


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