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A Polo Lady Player’s Guide To Smooth, Clear Skin

A Polo Lady Player’s Guide To Smooth, Clear Skin

Katya Prunkova
polo for women

A woman remains a woman even during the intense battles in a sports arena. For this reason, not only the correct principles, the right mindset, and well-maintained equipment are important—skin maintenance matters as well.

Generally, polo is a summer sport. It means that the skin needs essential care with continuous exposure to the sun, hot weather, and dynamic physical activities taken into account. 

Before the game, it is vital to moisturize and nourish your skin; that is why women players add a light serum for daily care. We suggest Hydra Beauty Micro Serum by Chanel. Your base structure is better without the inclusion of oils in order to prevent a sense of discomfort because of smeared makeup and oily skin.

polo for women

An excellent product match is Matissime with SPF 20 by Givenchy. It has a soft fluid with a modified formula that moisturizes and mattifies your skin, making your face less shiny and evens out your skin tone.

For additional sun protection, use UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 by Clarins. It can be applied after moisturizing cream as well as over your makeup if needed.

After a dynamic and intense game, the first action you take is to cleanse your skin. Take off your makeup using micellar water or milk and remove leftover grime and dirt with a deep-cleansing gel. Toning cream-gel mask Express ‘Flower Gel’ by Sisley regenerates and removes traces of stress and fatigue, after long-term physical activities under the sun. It gives your face a vibrant look in just three minutes after application! As the last step, apply moisturizing cream on your face and eye area.

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Here are our recommendations:

Hydra Beauty Micro Serum by Chanel

This contains camellia oil extract from the Chanel patented micro-droplet technology. It is absorbed deeply into your skin, giving it intense hydration and superior elasticity. The ultra- lightweight texture gives you a sense of comfort and confidence in your appearance.

UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 by Clarins

This lightweight day sunscreen shields skin from UVA and UVB rays, pollution, and radical damage. It keeps your skin even and radiant, giving it a healthy and younger look.

Express Flower Gel by Sisley

This has an exceptional concentration of moisturizing active ingredients (lily and iris extracts) and regenerating components (organic sesame extract and vitamin E). This mask is excellent for dehydrated, sagging, or tired-looking skin. Apply it to clean, dry skin on the face and neck, two to three times a week, wiping away the excess. This method makes the active substances function longer.

Eclat Matissime SPF 20-PA+++ by Givenchy

This fluid foundation only works when Zinc spheres are activated through contact with sunburn. It prevents dehydration on dry areas of your face. Your skin will be fresh and matte for nine hours.

Advanced Marine Biology SPF 20 by La Prairie

A light moisturizing cream with UVA and UVB protection.

Ultra Facial Cleanser by Kiehl’s

A cleanser for all skin types. Gently but thoroughly cleanses skin and removes makeup and dirt. Prevents dryness while balancing the skin’s Ph levels.

Soothing Gel Cream Eye Contour Hydra Zen Neurocalm by Lancome

French rose, peony, mu dan pi, and horseradish tree extracts lower skin reaction to any kind of emotional or environmental stress. Horse chestnut and ivy extracts, along with caffeine, reduce puffiness and dark undereye circles

Eau de Beaute by Guerlain

These micellar cleansing water removes make-up, cleanses, and tones in just one step. This product has a gel structure and is applied with a cotton pad to refresh your skin. Your skin is left purified, toned, and hydrated.

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