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Gearing Up For 2020 Houston Women’s Polo Championship

Gearing Up For 2020 Houston Women’s Polo Championship

Team PoloGear Coffee Company

Team PoloGear Coffee Company (PGCC) announces that they will be competing in the 16-20 goal 2020 USPA Texas Women’s Open as part of the Houston Women’s Polo Championship, presented by Luxury Event Trailers at the Houston Polo Club, Texas, on 10-15 November.

The 20 goal team is composed of a diverse group of highly cultured lady polo players with an impressive variety of backgrounds: Dawn Jones (6), Danielle Lussi (2), Tiffany Busch (6), and Clarissa Echezarreta (6).

Spear-headed by Dawn Jones together with PoloGear’s Gary Fellers and Jeanette Sassoon, Team PGCC strategically participated in two warm-up tournaments in preparation for one of the most prestigious tournaments in Houston. Last August 28, they competed in the Santa Ynez Sunny Hale Women’s Invitational. Meanwhile, on September 4 to 6, the team joined the Annual Women’s Pacific Coast Open at the Santa Barbara Polo Club, California. 

Women players from all over the USA and around the world will take part in the USPA Women’s Open, which runs for its 26th consecutive year this year. Boasting a beautiful 26-acre field right in the heart of Houston, the Houston Polo Club mounts two polo seasons each year and has eight levels of polo and two polo schools that provide annual riding and boarding memberships for English and Hunter/Jumper.

This stands as a significant moment for women’s polo, as it continues to gain ground globally. Participation by women in the sport of polo has recently accelerated in growth and strategic sophistication, inspiring future female athletes of all ages to take up the game. These established women’s tournaments are a valuable contribution to the thriving sport and, furthermore, promotes female athleticism.

Team PoloGear Coffee Company 2020
Team PoloGear Coffee Company at the 2020 Women's Pacific Coast Open
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