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Fusing The Rich Heritage of Japan and India

Fusing The Rich Heritage of Japan and India

Curators of Clay

Curators of Clay is a pottery atelier in Pune, India, helmed by ceramicists Bhairavi Naik & Rohit Kulkarni. In collaboration with Singapore-based Japanese entrepreneur and owner of India’s largest sushi chain Sushi and More, Hakuei Kosato (or Harry-san), they produced limited-edition sushi serving sets showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Japan and India.

Curators of Clay

This marked the beginning of what Curators of Clay always wanted to do—fuse their contemporary Indian upbringing with their fascination for Japanese aesthetics, employing their craft and skill to create culturally rich and functional ceramics that would be coveted as ‘objects of desire’.

Only 100 sets of these exquisitely handcrafted sushi serving stoneware boxes are made available in India, Singapore, and London. The collectors’ items are numbered and crafted using near-century old methods by the traditional box maker Yoshida from Yamagata Prefecture. Each sushi serving set tells a story of the fantastic craftsmanship of Harry-san’s Japanese cuisine expertise. Of course, along with Bhairavi & Rohit-san’s signature finishes that are all hand-crafted in the studio. This five-piece set is fired and glazed, combining the ceramicists’ signature styles for this particular collection.

Curators of Clay

Every single piece is emblazoned in detail—making each set a journey of restrained beauty and storytelling. For example, the chopstick holder is an ode to the silhouette of the Sahyadri range of mountains—a range in the area of India where both Bhairavi & Rohit-san grew up. Incidentally, this particular range is older than the Himalayas and one of the most unique biodiversity hotspots of the world.

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