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Fantasy Polo: The World’s First Online Polo Game

Fantasy Polo: The World’s First Online Polo Game

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We are very excited to present the latest project in polo. This is going to add a whole new dimension to the sport. Fantasy Polo is the world’s first online polo game.

The inspiration behind creating this game originated from the desire to bring more viewers to the sport, as well as to enhance the spectator’s experience of the game by making it more interactive. How many times have you sat on the sidelines and thought… “I would have done that differently” or “That player is so underrated!”?

We want everyone to have the chance to prove why they think that and to generate a new buzz around the high goal.

fantasy polo game

Have fun!

The aim of the game is simple: create the best Fantasy Polo team possible by selecting players from the high goal season that you think are going to perform the best while keeping under the Fantasy budget.

Our team has spent a lot of time testing and designing a system of fantasy points based on live statistics that reflect each player’s true on-field contribution. Statistics such as goals and backhands gain fantasy points, whereas fouls and missed penalties lose points. Users are given a fantasy budget in order to create a team and we have created player values based on their historic performance, team achievements, position, and handicap. The budget means that you aren’t able to pick all the highest-rated players, so you must choose wisely. If players are not performing as well as you had hoped, you can transfer your players to keep those points rolling in.

Additionally, we have created profiles of all high goals players to inspire users to thoroughly research players before choosing them. The idea here is that users can follow the progress of their team during the season at and track their own position in the overall league as well as in any private leagues (smaller competitions created by users to compete against friends and clubs). Furthermore, we will be keeping users informed of live player statistics during games through our social media platforms as well as a live stream of statistics on the website. There is no catch. The game is completely free to play. The project has been overwhelmingly supported by players, who believe our game will be a fantastic way of increasing engagement with the high goal seasons.

fantasy polo game

We are a group of polo fanatics who love the game and have been working in the polo industry for a while. As previously mentioned, Fantasy Polo really came about as a response to a widespread discussion on ways to increase engagement with the game and attract a wider audience. The availability of instant information through smartphones and tablets has led to a huge burst in the number of people who play fantasy sports in the UK. 

For a lot of our football fanatic friends, the progress of their team in the Fantasy Premier League last season was all they could talk about! Why not have a version for polo? We couldn’t believe that no one was evaluating performance in polo. Research into other sports quickly showed us that statistics are a driving force behind fan engagement.

Consequently, we developed an innovative real-time data capturing tool which has been refined over the past nine months to ensure total accuracy and take out the guesswork. We think that Fantasy Polo is going to give fans a new vested interest in every live game as they are encouraged to follow individual player performances more closely—performances that will either win or lose them fantasy points. This will inject more excitement and tension into the game and keep fans on the edge of their seat as they cheer on every goal and lament every penalty.

Fantasy Polo

Fantasy Polo is back for the US high goal season, starting a year of big prizes with the 20 goal Ylvisaker Cup which gets underway on January 25. Not only is there a huge amount of new players to choose from to make your perfect team, but there’s also a lot of lady players to pick. Team sponsors Gillian Johnston (Coca Cola), Maureen Brennan (Goose Creek), and Annabelle Gundlach (Postage Stamp Farm) are all available to help you add a bit of girl power to your dream team.

Get your team in before January 25 to be in with the best chance of winning the league and our big prizes. The season will then continue with the 26 goal season, the CV Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup, and the US Open.

As it stands now, the leaderboards are being bossed by women with the top four spaces occupied by lady’s Fantasy teams. So come on girls, this is your chance to show those boys who really know best! Pick your team today!

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