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Equine Artists To Follow On Instagram

Equine Artists To Follow On Instagram

Pamela Piedad

Let’s be honest; we’re all busy, but we do have time for Instagram. Every day, it blesses us with amazing pictures and updates, not just from our family and friends, but also from our favorite players. But checking the app several times a day can sometimes get boring when we see the same content repeatedly. Let us help you spice it up by following our newly-discovered equine artists!

Whether you’re giving them a follow to help brighten up your otherwise dull wall or you just simply need daily inspiration, here are nine artists with different styles showcasing their work on the ‘gram.

Anne Hansson

Anne Hansson has always loved horses since she was seven. However, the motive to make them the muse of her art didn’t come until a decade ago. She spent more than a hundred hours studying every movement a horse and its rider make by going to equestrian centers and sketching live next to the polo field or dressage track. In doing so, Anne can channel the perfect expression and energy into her paintings.

The colors on her paintings reinforce the energy she wants to convey. According to this Swedish artist, sometimes the animal’s energy prevails precisely in the color choices or abstract details.

Visit her Instagram here and get in touch with Katerina Morgan of Horse Polo Art Gallery to buy Anne’s ready-made paintings or to order a commission work here.

Luci Maclaren

Scotland native Luci Maclaren has been a professional artist for more than ten years. She studied History of Art at St. Andrews University and trained in Fine Arts at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles in 2004. Her oil paintings are always dominated by color and movement. She likes her paintings with a striking, powerful, and dynamic effect.

Luci has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Edinburgh, and London throughout her career. Now, she is based in London and represented by Thompson’s Galleries.

Visit her Instagram here and get in touch with Katerina Morgan of Horse Polo Art Gallery to buy Luci’s ready-made paintings or to order a commission work here.

Elizabeth Jelbert

Based in West Sussex, Elizabeth Jelbert is your girl if you are looking for an excellent artist with realistic equine sketches. Her focus on the details in all of her works is unmatched. Check her Instagram page to catch a glimpse of her time-lapse videos that show how she carefully sketches horses.

Elizabeth Jelbert
Pen and Ink “Focus” showjumper on 250gsm paper | Credits to Elizabeth Jelbert

As a self-confessed polo enthusiast, she also draws polo players in action.

Visit her Instagram page here and buy some of her work here.

Bianca Smith

Bianca Smith is an artist recognized for her abstract paintings. Her work has been featured in several magazines like House & Garden, AD, Vogue, and Elle. Thus, Bianca amassed a diverse and international following composed of the English royalty, music icons, private collectors, and top international designers.

Bianca Smith gallery

Creating the perfect painting for her clients is one of her favorite things to do. She does this by knowing their personality and incorporating their love, passions, and treasured possessions into the painting. Her work catalog consists of various subjects, such as women, landscapes, and horses!

Visit her Instagram here and get in touch with Katerina Morgan of Horse Polo Art Gallery to buy Bianca’s ready-made paintings or to order a commission work here.

Carlota Sarvisé

Carlota Sarvisé is an interior designer, artist, and sculptor based in Spain. Her passion for horses and painting were rooted in her early childhood days growing up in a charming, small town known for its equestrian activities. For her, horses are symbols of nobility, sensitivity, and elegance. 

Because of her love for the magnificent animal, she developed an extensive watercolor collection showcasing its strength, vitality, and beauty. For Carlota, it’s always a search for the maximum expression and movement with the minimum illustration.

Visit her Instagram here and get in touch with Katerina Morgan of Horse Polo Art Gallery to buy Carlota’s ready-made paintings and sculptures or order a commission work here.

Heike Deininger

A hobby turned into a profession and passion — that’s how Austrian artist Heike Deininger describes how she got into painting. Her work tries to captivate the soul of her subject and capture the moment in colors. She prefers to paint animals based on photos, but she’s pretty flexible and can paint on any surface—canvas, paper, wood, metal, and a lot more!

View Heike’s oil paintings on her Instagram page and order a commission here.

Askild Winkelmann

Askild Winkelmann is a German artist based in London. She studied various styles of art in different European cities, including Barcelona and Florence. This has helped her become well-trained in three different mediums: acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint. She always uses these materials in unconventional ways by mixing three-dimensional objects or textured materials into her paintings.

Askild Winkelmann artist

Astrid’s passion for horses started when she was young, after attending several polo matches and horse racing events. As she grew closer to them, she decided to experiment and combine figurative horse paintings with abstract techniques. Her works strive to capture not only the movement of the horse and its rider but also the strength and elegance of their movement.

Visit her Instagram here and get in touch with Katerina Morgan of Horse Polo Art Gallery to buy Askild’s ready-made paintings or to order a commission work here.

Debbie Harris

Debbie Harris has bagged several awards from the Society of Equestrian Artists. Her work subject varies dramatically. One day she paints a highly detailed dog portrait; the next day, she’s working on a 4ft. square loose canvas depicting monochromatic horses.

This English artist’s work is showcased annually at the Society of Equestrian Artists exhibit in London and the Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials. She also staged solo exhibitions locally and even internationally at the French Game Fair in Chambord, France.

Visit her Instagram page here and her website to order a commission work here.

Anna Chernyshova

The perfect balance between realistic and abstract art is Anna Cher’s specialty. Anna received her degree in Classical Art Education in Moscow, where she worked for many years before moving to the UK. In 2015, she graduated from the Cambridge School of Art’s MA program in children’s book illustration.

As an equestrian herself, Anna enjoys painting equestrian sports, especially polo. Her work is a dance between colors and lines that always make it look unique, fresh, and alive. She manages to find the right balance between abstract and reality by experimenting with brush strokes, layers, and colors.

Visit her Instagram here and get in touch with Katerina Morgan of Horse Polo Art Gallery to buy Anna’s ready-made paintings or to get your own painting here.

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