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Creating The Best Holiday Tablescape

Creating The Best Holiday Tablescape

The holidays this year will be a little different from our previous celebrations. With the global pandemic still putting us at risk, meeting up for dinner parties is quite tricky during this season. However, it’s safe to say that our gatherings will be much more intimate—with fewer people on the table and more space for the feast and decorations.

And since the situation has allowed us to go all out, racking your brains for the perfect table setting for Christmas is very welcome. If you’re clueless about where to start, there’s no better person to ask than the pros. We tapped an international floral and event designer from the Philippines, Gideon Hermosa, to ask for tips on setting up the perfect tablescape that will leave a memorable impression on your guests.

Holiday Tablescape Gideon Hermosa

“For me, the style should always have a story. I always want each event I handle to be unique and personalized,” Gideon describes his philosophy when it comes to his arrangements. For him, a good tablescape must have a proper balance of each element and a great selection of color palette. He’s never without a good pair of scissors, proper vases, candles, and candelabras when he’s working on a setting!

Holiday Tablescape Gideon Hermosa

Make your own table sparkle with his fool-proof tips in arranging a beautiful tablescape for the upcoming holidays.

1. Have details that complement the overall design. The designer advises, “Always add complementing details. It doesn’t have to be all flowers or candles—it can be anything you can imagine. But it has to match the concept. For example, adding fruits, trinkets, or any conversation pieces. Maybe look for local leaves that will last for a couple of days like eucalyptus and cypress, then add pine cones and berries!”

Holiday Tablescape Gideon Hermosa

2. Go for ribbons! Gideon is a fan of ribbons. He knows that a nice roll completes the look of an arrangement, as it’s simple yet versatile that can help tie together the entire display.

Holiday Tablescape Gideon Hermosa

3. Height matters. “Always consider the height of the centerpieces,” he says. “Make sure it won’t block everyone’s view.”

4. Make everything personalized. The table will be more spacious due to social distancing, Gideon points out. So don’t hold back and put as much personal touch as you want on your setting! “Make sure that everything is detailed and on point, so the guests won’t feel distanced throughout the event,” he explains.

Holiday Tablescape Gideon Hermosa

5. When in doubt, just light it up. Candles are Gideon’s non-negotiables when it comes to styling a table. “It adds warmth, sparkle, and glow. It completes the whole setting. Even if you have minimal centerpieces, candles do the magic,” Gideon shares.

Check out Gideon Hermosa’s offerings and services on Instagram.

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