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Costa Careyes Is Your Unparalleled Oasis In Mexico

Costa Careyes Is Your Unparalleled Oasis In Mexico

Costa Careyes

Costa Careyes, located along nine miles of Pacific Coast where the jungle meets the sea, sets itself apart as one of the best places to visit and live.

Costa Careyes

The destination unfolds from the imagination of the Italian visionary artist and entrepreneur Gian Franco Brignone, who first visited this majestic place in 1968. As one of the most exclusive villa destinations in Mexico with a mediterranean style, it now spans over 35,000 acres including the biosphere reserve. 

It also features a diverse community of characters that perfectly represents the destination, with its natural beauty, architecture, and symbiotic lifestyle.

Costa Careyes

With founding partners of both European and Mexican descent, Careyes is one of the most coveted places in the world. The land is not only full of natural wonder, but is also a place of spirituality that provides a unique experience to those who visit. 

Their 65 gorgeous villas of vibrant colors are designed by top imaginative architects from around the world, including Marco Aldaco, Alberto Mazzoni, Luis Barragán, Diego Villaseñor, and Jean Claude Galibert. A unique style of architecture has been created over the years in collaboration with the Brignone family. 

The vast majority of villas each have infinity pools, along cliffs overlooking the sea. Stunning palapas with innovative designs fuse the exterior and interior spaces in a simple and cohesive way. 

Careyes also features 40 colorful Casitas, resembling Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The property’s most recent addition is the beachfront El Careyes Club & Residences, with five infinity pools, the La Duna restaurant, and modern one to four bedroom accommodations.

Even with the pandemic, a safe stay is assured here with the implementation of strict health and safety protocols, private villas allowing for social distancing, and increased wellness offerings.

An ideal sanctuary in the world during unprecedented times, Careyes has prioritized protecting its land, employees, and residents for more than fifty years. Impactful steps to address safety and health concerns include low density of guests, clean air, and socially distanced activities.

Providing accommodations ideal for both work and relaxation, one never needs to leave the comfort and tranquility of Careyes. There are socially-distanced activities to spend quality time with family. Gourmet cuisine options are endless, carefully prepared in their outstanding restaurants.

Wellness has also been prioritized. The new Yoga Residence program makes Careyes truly ideal for people of all ages to enjoy. Top wellness instructors from around the world invited over to offer classes like daily vinyasa yoga classes to breathwork meditation sessions.

Traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection at Careyes. Yoga sessions merge practice with the benefits of raw beauty, with programs combining strengthening activity with breathwork, gentle stretching, and meditation. 

Costa Careyes

For guests who would like to try another form of wellness movement, pilates reformer classes are also made available.

Additionally, local practitioners are available to guide guests through special treatments. This includes private sound healing sessions offered in La Copa del Sol, mud baths rituals infused with medicinal herbs, and traditional Temazcal steam baths to reconnect with Mother Earth. There are also guided meditation and harmonization sessions as well as personalized massages. 

Costa Careyes

Careyes is a place committed to the environment, community, and to the flora and fauna that surrounds it. Since the beginning of construction in 1972, the Careyes team has focused on making the least amount of impact to the land and nature as possible. 

With sustainability in mind during construction, cobblestone roads were laid by hand with rock and dirt rather than asphalt. Villas were built to maximize cross ventilation to lessen the use of air conditioning. Outdoor lighting was limited at night to conserve energy, so as not to contaminate and obstruct the view of the stars. 

Conservation is at the heart of all decisions at Careyes, Beyond identifying use and density restrictions for land, there are strict architectural policies regarding the cutting of trees. Careyes planted more than 5,000 trees in the Teopa area and started a biodynamic garden to supply its restaurants and residents with organic produce. 

Careyes also currently has three greenhouses, has reduced water consumption by half through proper education, and is proposing eco-friendly alternative energy options to residents to help with its environmental impact.

In the past, exclusive events were held throughout the year at Careyes. From film festivals to polo tournaments and more, the property hopes to stage more events as the world starts opening up to more travelers again. 

The natural seclusion, perennially perfect climate, and myriad of activities inspired by the magic of Careyes have attracted the bon vivants of the world to visit since its opening. Today, it remains one of the world’s most coveted destinations—boasting of an incredible environment and quality of life that Costa Careyes offers throughout the year.

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